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'We're Gonna Get You Out Of Here'
(Sawn Off Records)


pink cigar

Having seen Pink Cigar rip new arseholes into every toliet music venue I've seen them play in London for the past couple of years, this album I've awaited with excited high anticipation.

Released at the tail end of last year, I've played the album so many times I haven't had the time the review the damn thing, yet I still listed it as my favourite album of 2013.

I also rated Pink Cigar's album launch gig at the Black Heart in Camden as one of my Top Ten gigs of the year, no mean feat considering I attended over a hundred gigs last year and whilst my list was topped by some of the biggest names of rock including the Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, Pink Cigar are without doubt the hottest new band out there regardless of which (money in the back pocket) major magazines are telling you differently.

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Formed in the back streets of Ladbroke Grove, Pink Cigar have a hunger and aloofness that sets them apart from the rest of the chasing pack.

Pink Cigar are very much their own band who listen to no-one but themselves, a band made up of four very different individuals who have a unique chemistry which is uncontainable, explosive and dangerously infectious.

pink cigar

'We're Gonna Get You Outta Here' appeals to rockers, punks, rockabillys, mods, trendies and the homeless.

Vocalist Sharkie Cottrell is a loose cannon and has the ability to sing out of both ends of his body whilst Edd Whyte comes out with riffs that Johnny Thunders could only dream of.

The album kicks with a snotty swagger and is full of beer spilling anthems such as hard riffage of 'Lady Killer', the snarl of 'This Girl' the strut of 'Strange' the Gene Vincent rock 'n roll sizzle of 'London Town Blues', the contagious riff of 'Get You In The Dark' and the ballsy blues of 'The Throat' are all killer gems of real beauty.

pink cigar

There's not a dud track on this album, an album that flows faster the the sewage tunnels of London and is just as dirty.

In the five years that I've been writing reviews, I've yet to award an album the full marks as I'm still awaiting an 'Appetite For Destruction' or a 'Back In Black' but this album comes close...

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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