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'Futurama' EP

mark taylor


When is an EP not an EP? When it clocks in at a whopping fifty-seven minutes, that's when! That's officially a full length album, but FM are not a band who cheat their loyal fans.

What we have here are four brand new studio recordings, hence why they've called it an EP (Extended Player from the old vinyl days) plus a collection of live tunes plus an extended remix of the lead track 'Cold Hearted'.

You can't keep the lads from FM out of the studio at the moment. Not content in releasing two studio albums last year with 'Rockville I & II', here is yet another EP full of quality material.

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Opening with an instrumental, 'Futurama', it seems that Jim Kirkpatrick has been stargazing with Brian May as this has May's trademark sound all over it which neatly brings us to 'Cold Hearted' which features a heavy crisp guitar riff with some grinding keyboard sounds from Jem Davis.

'Bad That's Good To Me', which like 'Rainbow's End' from their previous EP, reminds me of Bryan Adams in his 'Reckless' period with it's good summer time feel packed with a Def Lep type chorus.


My favourite is the dark ballad, 'Preying On My Mind', which features Steve Overland at his soulful best with meaningful lyrics with a superb acoustic touch from Jim Kirkpatrick towards it's finale.

With six well recorded live tracks apparently recorded in Crewe, featuring tracks from the overlooked 'Aphrodisiac' album plus the more recent 'Rockville', ballads 'Closer To Heaven' and 'Story Of My Life' with it's chilling keyboard intro shine the most.

The extended remix of 'Cold Hearted' meanders on for almost eight minutes and is the sort of 80s mash that fooled people into parting with their cash in buying the 12" vinyl in days of old. Just stick with the rather good normal version.

It's amazing how FM are continually writing such good numbers and can just throw them out on an EP. At this rate their next studio opus will be a triple album affair.

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