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'Tits Of Death' EP

mark taylor

alexa de strange

Putting aside any political correctness, if there's one way of getting yourself noticed in the music business that is to use what assets you have and put them out there for public display.

One band who not afraid of doing just that are the London based rock outfit Alexa De Strange who have a wide ranging appeal regardless of what end of the field you bat on or what perverse musical tastes you hold.

The band are fronted by the adorable Francesca Santamaria who commands eye grabbing attention and who has since changed her surname, but don't let me ruin anybody's dreams just yet. She is joined at the hip by her androgynous looking partner Shannon Lee who provides sexual bass lines and they are aided by the guitar work of George St Stergiou who brings the condiment of Metal to give the band that extra spicy flavour.

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I first saw Alexa De Strange make their live debut back in 2011 at a gig in Camden and I've been having a secret love affair with the band ever since.

The band earned themselves support slots with eighties artists such as Toyah and Adam Ant and there is a diversity of sounds in the band from both the seventies and the following decade brought neatly up to date into the now for those who like a little shine on their music.

This eye popping titled EP 'Tits Of Death' features four tracks kicking off with the rocking bombast of 'Blaze (In The Heart Of Hell)!' which is a good belter to start with before the sprinkle of 'Stardust' which stomps all over you in glittery platform boots that you just wanna touch.

alexa de strange

'Luxxxurious' sonically pounds you in the same way that Blondie did with 'Atomic' and features more wah-wah from Stergiou that you would find on a Uriah Heep record.

'If Only' is a mournful ballad in pace with Hazel O'Connor's 'Will You' and this is the heartbreak that would make you wanna break glass to.

There's an extended mix of 'Luxxxurious (This Bitch Bites! Richard Whittaker Remix)!' that just spins you round just like a record baby.

Dead or alive, Alexa De Strange take no prisoners. You can become bosom buddies with the band on Facebook where you can find details of how to grab yourself a copy.

Alexa De Strange have more than their fair share of knockers but I just love 'em to death.

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