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The Borderline, London

mark taylor

house of x

Featuring former one time members of UFO, House Of X were performing their first central London date to a appreciative and knowledgeable crowd.

Support came from Repair To Ruin, a non-pretentious modern day rock band with a big beefy sound.

Despite playing in front of a classic rock crowd and been given generous stage time Repair To Ruin held attention throughout with razor sharp licks mixed with a commercial edge. Jake Leigh has a mature voice and the sound of the band would please lovers of Linkin Park and the Foo Fighters.

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It's still early days for the band who hope to release their debut album in December, but keep your beady eye on them because Repair To Ruin are full of potential promise.

I was surprised that House Of X were doing this gig considering they're still working on their own debut and would have been better off saving this prestigious venue for a showcase event when the boys have some product to offer.

house of x

However, I wasn't complaining having already seen the band in their previous disguise of the unimaginative monicker of X-UFO.

House Of X are a band not taken too seriously by some critics and that is a shame because they certainly have something new to offer. Although House Of X are not here to reinvent the wheel, they're still a pleasurable drive to listen to.

house of x

Danny Peyronel can be guilty of some serious dad dancing and his fashion tastes of a chequered shirt and shoes to match are questionable but hearing songs that he originally wrote for UFO such as 'Highway Lady' and a new heavier sublime take on 'Martian Landscape' is a joy to behold.

Laurence Archer remains one of most underrated guitarists whose clinical precision is at times on par with Schenker.

House Of X had already aired some new material with the clout of 'Busted', but it was the new-new songs that really impressed the most proving that the band are not taking this project light heartedly.

'The Road Less Troubled' and 'No More Tequila' were highly refreshing and encouraging.

I certainly hope that House Of X can prove the doubters wrong because this was a highly spirited show.

house of x

house of x

house of x

house of x



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