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O2 Arena, London
19th December 2014

mark taylor

status quo

It's been a hectic couple of years for Status Quo, especially Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. The Frantic Four reunion shows, the surprisingly good 'Aquostic' album, the best forgotten Bula Quo film and summer festivals slots; it's not too surprising that Rick Parfitt had to take a little rest following a health scare.

When I saw those fantastic Frantic Four shows I vowed that I didn't need to see Status Quo live ever again but I'm so glad I didn't listen to my own words because no matter what version of Quo you see, you're guaranteed a good night out.

Cockney duo Chas 'N Dave were an inspiring choice for this tour. Although best suited to smaller clubs, Chas 'N Dave are no strangers when it comes to performing on the big stage. Earlier this year they went down a storm in front of thousands of Metalheads at the Sonisphere Festival and ironically tonight should never have happened as Chas 'N Dave were one of the support acts at Crystal Palace on Quo's End Of The Road tour way back in 84.

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status quo

Fast forward thirty years and Quo are as still as strong as ever before. The Frantic Four gigs seemed to have fired up Rossi and Parfitt as it has the modern day members too who all gave the show a little extra welly than before. Its as if every member is proving their worth.

Rossi is now sadly departed from his Fender Telecaster that he's had since 1968 and now has a brand new greener model to give him more depth and dexterity whilst Parfitt sings with a much more deep, rich enthusiastic passion.

status quo

The two appear to want to get more involved and dirty than before with refreshing rides on 'Oh Baby' and 'Big Fat Mama'.

The modern era material rocks hard live and even 'Burning Bridges' sees grown men, including myself, jiving in the aisles in drunken glee.

status quo

Status Quo have jokingly been in search of the fourth chord their whole entire career, but I think they've finally found it as they certainly have struck a new chord with me.

Who needs thinking man's Metal when music like this can be so much fun?

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Photos by Noel Buckey



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