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Ruislip, Tropic Club
25th November 2011


X-UFO is x-actly what it says on the tin, featuring former members of one the greatest rock bands to ever walk on this earth. However, you'll have to be a bit of an UFO connoisseur to know what input these x-tremely talented guys have donated to the history of UFO, so here goes.


X-UFO are fronted by former Heavy Metal Kid Danny Peyronel, who was brought in on keyboards for the 1976 album 'No Heavy Petting', an album which saw UFO change their sound to a more melodic direction, a sound that remains with the band to this day.

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Then there's guitar hotshot Laurence Archer, who was in UFO some sixteen years later for the underrated 'High Stakes And Dangerous Men' album released in '92 in a revamped UFO line-up along with Pete Way, Phil Mogg and former Wild Horses drummer Clive Edwards. The latter is also in this X-UFO project along with bassist Rocky Newton, who never played in UFO, although he did play with Michael Schenker in the McAuley Schenker Band in the late eighties.

There are some who may quite easily just knock this idea simply as a tribute band but, given the choice of staying in and watching talentless karaoke crap on the X-Factor, give me some X-UFO any day of the week. Also being an avid UFO fan, this is a great opportunity to see both Peyronel and Archer perform tracks from their respective UFO albums with tracks that are no longer in the UFO setlist.

So are they worth watching? Entering the stage to a cheesy 'Close Encounters' intro theme was definitely of the weird kind, but the band soon x-ploded into 'Let It Roll' followed by 'Natural Thing', featuring some x-quisite fretwork from Laurence Archer. (It's easy to see why Phil Lynott got Archer into his post-Thin Lizzy Grand Slam band.) The flamboyant Danny Peyronel was out front with mic in hand, clearly enjoying himself, doing this purely for the sheer fun of it all.


Then came what I was here for, tracks from 'No Heavy Petting' and 'High Stakes And Dangerous Men'. Introduced as a track that has paid Peyronel's electric bills for the past few decades, the self-penned 'Highway Lady' was a corker although, surprisingly, Peyronel didn't use the keyboards that were on hand or, more so, on the fast-as-lightning 'Can You Roll Her' - but good bone-crunching versions nonetheless. Laurence Archer x-erted himself on 'Back Door Man', and an x-cellent x-ecution on 'Love Deadly Love' was highly impressive.

The keyboards were used for UFO's timeless 'Love To Love', which was then followed by the classics you would x-pect at any UFO show, that kept those who may only be casual fans happy. However, by this time, the beer was flowing and I was ready to rock out to such gems as 'Rock Bottom' and 'Lights Out'. By this stage, Peyronel was looking like a gameshow host on some dodgy satellite channel with a 'X' emblazoned on his jacket.

This was a good fun night out. If you're a UFO fan, you don't need to make any x-cuses to see these boys. On with the action.



Let It Roll
Natural Thing
Highway Lady
Back Door Man
Can You Roll Her
Love Deadly Love
Armed And Ready
She's The One
Love To Love
Only You Can Rock Me
Rock Bottom
Lights Out
Doctor Doctor


See Mark Taylor's Video Interview with X-UFO here:


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