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When it comes to playing sleazy rock 'n roll delivered with real true grit it's hard to find the real McCoy. New York Dolls and the original Guns 'n Roses are two bands that spring to mind. They didn't give a fuck what anyone thought, including the press.

pink cigar generation next

They wrote songs full of grit and gusto,songs that ordinary people on the street could relate to. But with them follows a plethora of bands wanting to emulate the rock 'n roll lifestyle, thinking that by simply slipping on a Jack Daniels' t-shirt with a fag hanging from their gobs and a middle digit in the air they have graced the air of uber cool rockness and whilst that may fool the majority for a little while, the truth comes out and they lay themselves bare in a pool of fakeness.

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One band that have taken musical influences from from the New York Dolls and Guns 'n Roses are Pink Cigar. Based in West London the four piece have been building up a secret following by playing every toilet imaginable in The Smoke and now it is time to join in on the party with the release of their rather spiffing four track EP on iTunes. Here are four individual tracks that will rivet their way into your alcohol induced veins.

In fact this EP is so good that once was you've played it, you immediately get up to play it again. The aptly titled 'Generation Next' storms out of the speakers, slicing you apart.

Singer Sharkie Cottrell may not have the greatest of lungs but it really dosn't matter when he delivers with a obnoxious punky edge. Guitarist Edd Whyte is a Johnny Thunders deadringer (he can't help the fact that he was born with a big hooter and owns a mop of black hair), but he cranks the riffs out with ease.

'Strange' takes a change of direction with a slow strutting vibe of walking down Tin Pan Alley after midnight in the pouring rain and not giving a toss. 'Ladykiller' is another corking head shaker. The slow building 'The Throat' is a real snarling grower ends this impressive EP.

Having seen the band live a few times I know they have plenty more stompers in the cannon. If there is one band you want to get into before they became cover stars then take a drag on the Pink Cigar. They will make you cough, they will make you vomit but you will come up smelling of roses.



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