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'Seven Deadly'
Release Date: 28th February 2012


UFO have led a chequered life and amazingly, throughout their history some fourty musicians have at one time or another have played a part in the band. With more colourful characters in the history of the band than in your average Walt Disney film it is no surprise that the story of the band is full of high and lows.

ufo seven deadly

'Seven Deadly' is the 20th full length studio album from UFO and is the fourth album to feature guitarist Vinnie Moore who joined in time for 'You Are Here' in 2004. Sadly, once again Pete Way is not involved whilst he cleans up his personal act and he is badly missed. His bass duties fall to an uncredited Lars Lehamann who has worked with Uli Jon Roth in the past. The curent line up is completed by long stayers Andy Parker (drums), Paul Raymond (keyboards and guitar) and the sometimes eccentric but loveable Phil Mogg on vocals.

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This album was originally going to be titled 'Last Of The Bone Riders' until it was decided that the American market might not agree with UFO's tounge in cheek humour (think Brokeback Mountain) and sees the band head in a more blusier direction.

Without a Schenker or a Way calling any of the shots this gives Phil Mogg more of a free rein and to be honest this new direction, which admittedly the band have been going towards on the last few albums, suits Mogg's voice a whole lot better in the twilight years.

That's not to say there isn't any rockers on the album. 'Fight Night' kicks off with a mean riff and does the heads down 'Wonderland'. 'Mojo Town' is the first blues number which points in a heavy direction and is one of a few which feature female backing vocals ala Lynyrd Skynyrd style.

Vinnie Moore is more predominant on this album, often throwing in more than one hook on each track, 'Year Of The Gun' being a fine example. 'Burn Your House Down' is one of my favourites on the album with Rolling Stonesy backing vocals and more self thoughtful lyrics from Mogg.

'The Fear' features some fine harmonica and 'Waving Goodbye' finally get to hear some keyboard work from Paul Raymond and is one of the album's strong points.

'Seven Deadly' is a real grower for the more adult rock fan and proves that UFO don't need to rely on nostalgia to keep the legend alive and well.



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