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'Forever Wild, Beautiful And Damned! Greatest Hits Volume 1'


Forever Wild, Beautiful And Damned! Greatest Hits Volume 1

I thought I would save my review of this album to coincide with the launch party that was going to be held at one of London's favourite watering holes, The St Moritz Club, where the night promised 'Rock legends, maidens, burlesque performers, vampiros, strippers, clowns and magicians'.

Well there was a piece of magic in the form of a disappearing act as at midnight the night before, band leader Lee Pistolero decides that after a few glasses of Rioja wine to go his separate way in search of a solo career, thus cancelling the show and not pleasing his record company or PR agent who had invited along a whole host of media types to give the band some big hype.

Yes the Pistoleros have severely shot themselves in the foot. Don't be too surprised that one day you will find him drowning his sorrows into an empty glass at a Benidorm bar moaning about how the industry did the band over. Don't believe a word of it. It's their party and they can cry if they want to.

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The Gypsy Pistoleros are a Spanish-speaking Flamenco glam outfit with roots spread from Birmingham to Barcelona. Yes, imagine Faster Pussycat trying to impress a young senorita with their flamenco acoustic skills after a few jugs of sangria and you'll get the picture. This is a neat idea that works well in places but is a bit of a one trick donkey.

Now you may have noticed the 'Greatest Hits Volume 1' tagged onto the end of the album's title. Well I doubt there ever be a 'Volume 2' but what we have with this album are the best bits of 2008s debut, 'Para Sempere!', and the following year's mini LP 'Welcome To Hotel De Muerte' plus a cover of Ricky Martin's 'Livin' La Vida Loca' that would even make Clint Eastwood shake his hips 'n spurs.

This album does kick some serious butt and makes you want to throw your sombrero in the air in a hail of bullets but after a few songs you want to trail off with your amigo friends and listen to something else.

All the cliches are there, including the Spanish trumpets. This idea would work better if they didn't spend so much time trying to trash the bar and stuck more to the style in which Flamenco was originally done. Best track on the album is the ballad 'Sangra De Las Roses' as it's the closest to true Flamenco authenticity.

I'm sure these songs would sound terrific live but I doubt whether that will ever happen again, although I'm sure Speedy Gonzales and Yosmite Sam will vote this their album of the year. 'Ole! Ole!



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