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Saxon really have gone to town with their new release of 'Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken', available in a variety of disguises to suit all sizes of wallets.

The limited edition uber box set package featuring three separate full sets from Wacken Festival from 2004, 2007 and 2009 has already sold out but there's still plenty of material in the DVD + 2CD set that is a must for any Saxon fan.

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The Wacken Festival has grown from it's humble beginnings to now being recognised as the biggest Metal festival held in the world. The Metal equivalent of Glastonbury.

Saxon have already released the 'Chronicles' DVD of their 2002 performance at Wacken and this release brings us up to date featuring highlights from their last there performances shortened into a mammoth three hour set, best enjoyed by inviting your denim and leather clad mates around to your gaff and share a few tinnies.

Watching Saxon at Wacken in front of 75,000 fans you realise just how big Saxon are on the continent. Whilst Metal took a heavy downturn in the dark grunge years of the mid nineties, it was countries like Germany that kept the Metal machine alive, especially for those who played what is now known as classic rock. Something us Brits have to be highly thankful for.

This is Saxon at their best and in all full Metal glory on the big stage.

But it's not all just about Wacken as the audio 2 CD disc features a full live set recorded at the ABC in Glasgow last year in front of a lively crowd on the excellent 'Call To Arms World Tour', a must have souvenir for anyone who witnessed them on that tour.

Also available is a standard double live CD is the full 'Fans Choice Set List' from their 2009 show at Wacken which surprisingly not only featured the classics but also the very best from their later years.

As Biff Byford states during 'Denim And Leather': "It was Wacken that set the spirit free."

Or as they say in German: "Dis ist ein Vacken gut DVD".

Or as they say 'oop north in Barnsley: "You be Wacken off in your bedroom to this DVD package."

Click here for Mark's recent audio interview with Biff and hear him chatting about this release and Wacken. We also have a competition running where you can win 'Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken'. Click here to enter.



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