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As soon as this gig was announced, it had the makings of El Drinkico written all over it. The Quireboys are best seen and enjoyed in smaller confines when the fans or the band are not too far from the bar. Neither does it help that the Borderline is right right next door to the Crobar, ensuring that many are already in the party mood even before walking through the door.

It's amazing to think that the Quireboys have been going now for over 25 years and in that time have written some of the best glass raising and sing along tunes.

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The venue was already busy at an early time to see the return of Pat McManus, the former guitarist of the fondly remembered Irish rock band Mama's Boys, playing a rare gig here in the Capital.

Today McManus fronts a power blues trio in the style of his home grown hero Rory Gallagher. Later in the set McManus plays an acoustic dedication to him in the shape of 'Return Of The G Man'.


Pat McManus has a warm hearty Irish accent that wins everyone over. Most of the material is hard hitting stuff with 'Juggernaut' featuring an exquisite electrifying solo.

Quireboys ivory tinkler Keith Weir helps out on a few numbers and what a joy it was to see brother John McManus come out to sing vocals on the Mama's Boys classics 'Runaway Dreams' and 'Needle In The Groove'. The nearest we will ever see to a Mama's Boys reunion. His support set was worth the price of admission alone.

The Borderline was ram packed and sold out by the time the Quireboys came onto the stage and it was most certainly time for a party.

Opening with a barrage of smash hits from their glory days the Quireboys had the Borderline in the palm of their hand and it has to be said that the audience were singing louder than Spike at times, especially on the roof raising chorus of 'Hey You'.


Three new songs were included with 'Too Much Of A Good Thing' being the best and it showed the Quireboys are still capable of writing a good tune.

New boy Dave Boyce on the bass has fitted in well and as is now a comfy part of the furniture. Former member Guy Bailey was here and he must wonder why he ever left because the Quireboys were storming tonight.

Pat McManus returned to add some fiddle on a few numbers including 'Roses & Rings' and the danceable 'Sweet May Anne'.

For '7 O'Clock' Spike beckons Dogs D'Amour legend Tyla over from the bar to join him for some harmonica action.

Surprisingly there was no 'Sex Party' but this was still one orgy of fun. Not only the best I've ever seen from the Quireboys but also the best gig I've ever been to at the Borderline.

A cracking night out that continued long into the night as the band and fans adjourned next door to the Crobar to drink the night away.



Set lists:

Pat McManus

Danger Zone
Got The Right
Back In The Saddle
Runaway Dreams*
Return Of The G Man
Last Thing At Night
Belfast Boy
Needle In The Groove


Tramps & Thieves
There She Goes Again
Hey You
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Roses & Rings*
White Trash Blues
Last Time*
Mona Lisa Smiled*
This Is Rock 'N Roll
Mother Mary
Sweet Mary Anne*
7 O'Clock

I Don't Love You Anymore
Dirty Town

*With Pat McManus on the fiddle



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