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'Second Assault'
(Rise Above Records)


horisont second assault

Sweden has been producing some cool bands of every rock genre this past decade.On the stoner rock front Witchcraft started to make a name for themselves soon followed by Graveyard with their 'Hinsingen Blues' and now there is a new name on the horizon which translates into Horisont who are here with their Second Assault with their sophomore release.

Horisont's debut came out in 2010 and the second half was sung in their native Swedish, but this was enough to impress Rise Above head chief Lee Dorian to invite them over to England to support Pentagram. I recently caught the band live supporting Graveyard at a sold out Camden Underworld and was immediately impressed. In fact they blew the headliners away.

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With 'Second Assault' Horisont have really stamped out their identity. Taking all the elements of early seventies rock and given it a fuzzy garage hard rock stoner edge. Early Black Sabbath first springs to mind, especially with the nasal demonic vocals of Axel Soderberg while the guitars have the fuzz tone of Grand Funk Railroad and Wishbone Ash in the melodic parts. Drummer Pontus Jordan is the missing link between Bill Ward and Deep Purple's Ian Paice.

Second track 'Road To Cairo' will make you walk around the room like an Egyptian who has just had a dab of Morocco's finest.

'Crusaders Of Death' shows the depth of this band who can move from light and heavy. There's not a dud on this album which clocks in at a sensible forty minutes. Yes man we are talking the seventies here. Horisont are my favourite new band. Ghost are great, but there's something more sinister lying underneath Hoisont.

The CD is already out but save your cash for the uber cool Die Hard vinyl which is just about to come out. Limited to 300 black vinyl copies or just 100 clear vinyl. This is how music like this should be listened to, not through a poxy download or on a gadget.

Slab the heavy vinyl on the deck and turn the volume to ten. You won't want to leave the house.



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