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'Living Like A Runaway'
(Steamhammer /SPV)


lita ford living like a runaway

Lita Ford was a teenage Runaway being part of one of the first ever successful female rock bands long before we had ever heard of Girl Power. In the eighties she was solo and put on the bondage gear of leather and studs and I have to admit that I spent a lot of my teenage youth holding the 'Out For Blood' album cover in my left hand.

She really struck gold dust when Sharon Osbourne became her manager just as the explosion of glam hair Metal was at it's peak, resulting in a smash hit album with the simply titled 'Lita' and a European tour on the first leg of the 'New Jersey' tour with Bon Jovi, the last time Lita Ford actually toured the UK. The girl could do no wrong, releasing two more albums that were hits on both side of the Atlantic.

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Then it all went wrong. Grunge was in flavour. Ford had a relationship with Tony Iommi who produced her 'The Bride Wore Black' album which to this day remains unreleased. She married Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P for a brief period, followed by a two week romance with Nitro singer Jim Gillette which resulted in them getting married, starting a family and seeing both retire from the music business to live happily ever after in eternal married bliss. Well... that was the plan.

Everything was not hunky dory behind closed doors despite Lita Ford making a bizarre return in 2009 with the album 'Wicked Wonderland' in which she says is about what she and Gillette get up to in their boudoir once the children are asleep!

More recently Lita Ford has been in the news for all the wrong reasons with the divorce of her and Gillette who got custody of their children with Ford not shying away from what she really thinks about the whole nasty affair.

With so much going on in Lita Ford's private or rather public life, she has used all that negative energy to make a positively angry album where she really does wash her dirty laundry for everyone to see (F'narr f'narr!).

The music itself sounds very much where she left off on the 'Dangerous Curves' album from 91 but this new album is full of lyrics fully directed at her former husband and one song written for her children, 'Mother', really pulls at the heart strings.

The songs titles says it all - 'Hate', The Mask', 'Devil In My Head', 'Love 2 Hate U' and 'A Song To Slit Your Wrists By', a song written by her buddie Nikki Sixx which originally appeared on Sixx's 58 album 'Diet For A New America'.

There's even a bonus track on some editions with an Elton John approved 'The Bitch Is Back'. This is Lita Ford's best work in two decades. It's because of the lyrical content that this album really rocks. Feminists will love it, as will single guys who still hold a passion for the still lovely Lita Ford, but I'll be the first one to ring her doorbell with a bunch of roses...

Kiss me once... Kiss me twice... Kiss Me Deadly... Ooh yer baby!



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