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Pictures by Hugh Dick


glenn hughes

When this double headlining bill was first announced it certainly did raise many eyebrows with the two bringing their very different styles to the table. It could have been a bit of a red herring. Glenn Hughes and Fish are an odd pairing...

In fact I had visions of them backstage with the former Marillion frontman being a serious man with a strong political views who will have to pander to the camp manner of Glenn Hughes in very much the same way that George Galloway purred into the lap of Rula Lenska on Celebrity Big Brother.

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It was Fish who looked like the cat who got the cream as he joined his band for the epic opener 'The Perception Of Johnny Punter'. With long time guitarist and buddy Frank Usher, he and the rest of the band looked like members of the CAMRA real ale drinking club.

Fish was covered in a red and white cloth and could have been mistaken for Yasser Arafat who shares just as many political stances and whether you agree with Fish or not you can't help but commend the man for having such passionate views, some of which were rattling those here who stand on the Right.

A very good well balanced set featuring tracks from throughout his history, it was the final two songs that really stole the day. 'Vigil' from his fantastic debut album 'Vigil In The Wilderness Of Mirrors' was a real joy but the big surprise came with 'Forgotten Sons' the Marillion classic proving that Fish still has plenty of fire in his belly.


Glenn Hughes made his name with Deep Purple but his name is back in big lights after his recent collaboration in the supergroup Black Country Communion. Tonight Hughes is back with his own band which features Swede Soren Anderson on the six string.

Known as 'The Voice Of Rock', Glenn Hughes is actually the voice of the Amazon whose high pitched wails and screams can clear a jungle. Making up for those 'lost' years, Glenn Hughes is a man possessed giving it his all and prancing around the front of the stage with his bass held vertically and throwing shapes like you or I would in front of the mirror dreaming of the big time. Hughes is the ultimate star.

Surprisingly Hughes opted not to play any Purple numbers tonight, something which he is akin to move himself away from although I'm sure the fans won't let him get away with that for too long. But no one was complaining with three numbers from the excellent 'Hughes/Thrall' album and two numbers from his early days in Trapeze including a storming 'Medusa'.


On the previous solo tour there was no Black Country Communion material, despite the album just being out so it was interesting to hear an acoustic version of 'Cold' and the blasting encore of 'One Last Soul'.

There was some mixed feelings about the set list but there was no denying that Glenn Hughes is formidable and could sing a nursery rhyme and it would still cause an avalanche of devotion.

glenn hughes

Fish setlist:

The Perception Of Johnny Punter
Long Cold Day
Innocent Party
So Fellini
Open Water
Forgotten Sons

Glenn Hughes setlist:

Muscle And Blood
Never Say Never
Oil And Water
First Step Of Love
Keepin' Time
Can't Stop The Flood
I Got Your Number
Soul Mover
Black Country (Snippet)
One Last Soul



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