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'Inside My Head'


richard marx inside my head

The big hits may have dried up for Richard Marx but his song writing talents certainly haven't. 'Inside My Head' is a double CD with the first disc featuring four brand new tracks with the rest largely made up of tracks from the digital only releases from 2008 of 'Emotional Remains' and 'Sundown', whilst disc two is made up of new recordings of his golden years when ole Dicky boy got himself into the record books for being the first artist to get his first seven singles into the Top five of the Billboard Hot 100 Stateside.

It's easy to dismiss Richard Marx as the Cliff Richard of rock but there is a lot more to the man who also lends his writing talents to other artists, often scoring massive hits. Having seen him live in concert twice before - firstly back in 1990 at the Royal Albert Hall and again, two decades later, last year at the very same venue - I do have a soft spot for the lady's favourite.

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Seeing Marx in the live arena, he does come across as a likeable level-headed down to earth fellow who doesn't require a smacking like Jon Bon Jovi does sometimes. The single 'Right Here Waiting' was 'our tune' back in 89 for my girlfriend and I and whilst we were oceans apart sometimes back then. We are now world's apart and I've been right here waiting with Richard Marx all along, never giving up the faith.

This release nearly sounds all fresh and for anyone new to Richard Marx then this is a good place to start as any. This album is full of smooth adult rock. Opener 'Had Enough' was written with Chris Daughtry, as was 'On The Inside' along with Chad Kroeger of Nickleback and you can hear the influence.

Tracks such as 'Like Heaven' and 'Loved' are perfect cigarette lighter in the air winners. 'Through My Veins' is a deep heartfelt number dedicated to his departed father who was a successful jazz musician and a massive guidance in the career of the young Marx.

The single 'Wouldn't Let Me Love You' is a prime slice of adult radio rock.

With many golden cherries to pick from on disc two, you'll be feeling more than 'Satisfied'. Go on, no one is looking, go and grab yourself a copy.



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