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jeff kent

I'm what you call a veteran of the Metal scene... that's a nice way of saying I'm old. A fan of all music, but Metal is my first love. These days I share my love of music with my three kids.

10 May 2012: dUg Pinnick Responds To Support From Fans and Hits The Stage in NYC
18 March 2012: An Insight Into The Disease That Took Clive Burr: Multiple Sclerosis
5 February 2012: Kvelertak: 'Bruane Brenn'
3 July 2012: Iron Maiden: Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
16 May 2012: Arch/Matheos: The Webster Theater, Hartford, Connecticut
7 February 2012: Eluveitie: 'Helvetios'
3 February 2012: Earth: 'Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II'
16 January 2012: The Jelly Jam: 'Shall We Descend'
25 December 2011: Castles: 'You, The Organ Grinder'
22 December 2011: Best Of 2011
12 December 2011: Amaranthe: 'Amaranthe'
2 December 2011: Kvelertak: 'Kvelertak'
17 November 2011: Cynic: 'Carbon Based Anatomy'
16 November 2011: Fallstaf: 'Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed'
28 October 2011: Giant Squid: 'Cenotes'
26 October 2011: Animals As Leaders: 'Weightless'
25 October 2011: Dub Trio: 'IV'
16 October 2011: Mike Patton: 'The Solitude Of Prime Numbers'
16 October 2011: Saviours: 'Death's Procession'
9 October 2011: John Arch Interview: 'Guardian Awakened'
2 October 2011: Opeth: 'Heritage'
2 October 2011: Mastodon: 'The Hunter' (Reprise, 2011)
25 September 2011: Arch/Matheos: 'Sympathetic Resonance' (Metal Blade, 2011)


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