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'Death's Procession'
Released: 6th September 2011

Jeff Kent

jeff kent

Sometimes reviews write themselves. This is one of those times. The moment you put this record on you'll hear things that sound familiar, yet fresh. Think Black Sabbath with the twin guitars of KK Downing and Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest and a younger Lemmy at the mic; that's pretty much what you get on 'Death's Procession'. It's not a bad thing, not one bit. In fact, it makes so much sense you have to wonder why someone hasn't hit on this formula before.

john arch

Hailing from Oakland California, these four guys mine metallic history for ore which they forge into modern classics like 'To The Grave Possessed' and 'Earthen Dagger'. These are songs that fit their titles perfectly; there's no guessing what they might sound like, no cryptic wordplay is involved, just straight to the point crushing doom. Oh, but there are hooks.

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Not radio friendly hooks per se, but riffs that make you want to drive faster when you listen in your car or make work go by a little faster on a slow day. What more can you ask for in an album? This is unpretentious and no-frills fun.

Check out the video for 'Crete'n', featuring skateboard pioneer and friend of the band Max Schaaf.


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