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Jeff Kent: Pictures by John Umrysz

jeff kent


"I am overwhelmed with the amount of love that people have shown by contributing to help me afford my hernia surgery. I have avoided this for way too long and I know that after my shows are lined up, I have to fix this immediately.

"I wish I could say that all the wonderful years of playing in King's X were financially rewarded, but it's not the reality. I'm not complaining. I am thankful that I get to make music for people who want to hear it. We will never stop working hard though, and will continue making music in good times and bad.

"It's a tough business, but it's what we were born to do and our fans have stood by us through it all. Without them we would not be here making music or doing shows. This I am thankful for everyday and it's because of our family, friends and fans that we were able to do it for this long.

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"I can't thank you all enough for helping me when I needed it the most. Thanks to the people who have never heard of me or King's X and donated out of love. I hope I can repay you all someday with a huge hug and continue to make music that makes you think and groove..."

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King's X at Stage 48 in New York, NY 5/5/13

The last time King's X were in New York City to play a headline show was in 2008. That's way too long for a King's X addict like myself to go without seeing them. They did play a handful of shows last year supporting Kansas, but to see them play an opening set is such a tease.

A lot has happened to the band in five years. Guitarist Ty Tabor released a third album with his side project Jelly Jam, drummer Jerry Gaskill got married, died and then recorded his second solo album... well he was only dead for a little while. Eventually they got his heart beating again and rushed him into surgery. He recovered in time to have his house washed away by Hurricane Sandy. Bassist dUg Pinnick also recorded and (just) released his new solo album, 'Naked', in addition to suffering from the above mentioned hernia.

But on Sunday all that was forgotten as the band got back to doing what they do best, playing live on stage in front of their die hard fans. You never know what kind of crowd will show up on a Sunday night, but the room was pretty full and we were all more than ready.

Opening with the familiar 'Groove Machine' the band quickly set the mood and then pulled up an older tune from the self-titled fourth album 'The World Around Me'. Guitar geek fans noticed right away that Ty was playing a new guitar, a Gibson Les Paul of all things and through Marshall amps. Ty could play a cheap dime store guitar and still sound amazing.

kings x

King's X have been know to get into song ruts, but this time out they pulled a few out of mothballs including 'Pillow' (with some excellent audience singing), 'Flies And Blue Skies,' 'Pleiades,' and 'Thinking And Wondering'. The band looked happy and relaxed, Jerry showed no signs of tiring an dUg only had to hold his guts in for a few high notes. He didn't appear to be in great pain, but it can't be fun to sing with a hernia.

The regular set closed out with long time favorites 'Over My Head' and 'We Were Born To Be Loved'. After a brief pause they returned with 'Go Tell Somebody', 'Dogman' (again with audience singing) and 'Goldilox' which the band doesn't even pretend to sing anymore because the fans do such a good job.

This was my thrtysomethingth (yes it's a word!) time seeing King's X live and I still get goosebumps. In fact I have goosebumps right now writing about it.

The band have a few more US dates over the next two months and then they're talking about recording a new album. Check their site for details by clicking here.

You can buy dUg's new album by clicking here



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