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jeff kent

24 February 2014: Artful Indeed: Humorous To Humanitarian Shock Rocker
25 July 2012: Cancer Is A Cant: Rock n' Roll Fundraiser For Rock Musician Paul Hornby
21 November 2011: The Damned: 35th Anniversary Tour, Bristol 02
28 October 2011: Trillium: 'Alloy'
4 October 2011: The Dirty Youth: 'Red Light Fix'
25 September 2011: Puddle of Mudd: 'Re(Disc)overed'

I am a writer with an untamed passion for wild and exciting music. I have a serious side and a slightly off-the-wall sense of humour and believe that life is to be lived and we need to laugh! I love to lose myself in evocative, soul-enriching sounds and especially love old school rock and late 60s ground-breaking early Metal including Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin.

There's nothing I like more than devouring an amazing album (not with my teeth you understand) or going to a great gig that gets me moving. When I am not dancing all night I am often to be found in a pub corner discussing other subjects as diverse as philosophy, corsetry, motorbikes or poetry... occasionally all of the above.

Since graduating I have spent the past fifteen years working in TV and new media (starting when it was still new!), and more recently writing for various women's lifestyle publications.

Here's one of my favourite quotes for you: "The more you live, the less you die." Janis Joplin (who lived a little too much though and died...) I still think there's a lot of truth in those words. I hope you'll like my sentiments and look forward to sharing my views and musical musings with you from now on. readers, I salute you!


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