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lee fitzsimmons

Smash those skins and I'll be happy! Liverpool born and bred fictional writer trying to accomplish great things in the arena of factual! I love my Metal, often spend my days on the couch complaining that my neck aches, but am quite eclectic really!

If an album/gig/band is described to me as any of the following (dark, haunting, loud, raw, unrestrained, black, disturbing or even downright scary) chances are I'm going to love it! Here's to a long and beneficial association with my new-found family!

17 May 2012: I AM I: 'Event Horizon'
8 May 2012: Diablo Swing Orchestra: 'Pandora's Piñata'
25 April 2012: Hour Of 13: '333'
25 April 2012: Interview With Chris Henderson Of 3 Doors Down
24 April 2012: 7 Horns 7 Eyes: 'Throes Of Absolution'
20 April 2012: Nightmare: 'The Burden Of God'
16 March 2012: 3 Doors Down: Manchester Academy
23 February 2012: Opera Diabolicus: '1614'
11 January 2012: Lacuna Coil: 'Dark Adrenaline'
29 December 2011: Korn: 'The Path Of Totality'
19 November 2011: Bury The Conscious EP
19 November 2011: Achren: 'The Forgotten King'
15 November 2011: Lacuna Coil: Manchester Academy 2
11 November 2011: The Darkness: Liverpool, Mountford Hall
6 November 2011: Inmoria Interview: 'Delving Deep'
4 November 2011: Cradle Of Filth Interview: 'Coming Of The Contagion'
1 November 2011: Soil Interview: 'Top Soil'
26 October 2011: Cradle Of Filth: 'Evermore Darkly'
23 October 2011: Venom: 'Fallen Angels'
14 October 2011: Snakebite: 'Created from Nothing'
14 October 2011: Anathema: 'Falling Deeper'
12 October 2011: Stain'd: Manchester Academy 2
5 October 2011: Onslaught Interview: 'Cheesy Moshpits!'
3 October 2011: Onslaught/Gama Bomb: Liverpool, The Masque
3 October 2011: Evanescence: 'Evanescence'
25 September 2011: Inmoria: 'A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary Part 1'


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