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'A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1' - Rock It Up Records
Lee Fitzsimmons

25th September 2011

kate thompson

inmoria a farewell to nothing - the diary part 1

Haunting and dark! I think during this album review these words shall be over-utilised when describing this second album from the Swedish Metal guys at Inmoria!

It has to be said to any true dark Metal fan that this band should be recognised as the country's biggest export, and that includes Ikea! This Tolkien-inspired named band produces material that combines excellent guitar riffs, lyrics that invoke, astound and, above all, music that disturbs and delights in equal measure.

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Since their existence began in April 2008, Inmoria have had well deserved praise heaped upon them. Their debut album, 'Invisible Wounds', has been the recipient of a multitude of fantastic reviews from a variety of sources. Definitely pressure on then with this latest instalment in the Inmoria saga to continue to impress and explode their stamp on the Metal community!

Featuring the powerful vocal addition to the band in Soren Nico Adamsen, who replaced Charles 'Chulle' Rytkonen in spring of 2010, the band have produced a fantastic follow up album. Grabbed immediately by the raw, unrestrained power that the track 'Blinded' delivers, like a sucker punch to the gut, the technical and inspired lyrical ability of the band keeps you locked in for its entirety.

Continuing on throughout the album we are treated to such capturing tracks as 'In My Dreams' which begins with slightly disturbing and chilling child's vocal and then a haunting riff that lulls you into Inmoria's nightmarish dream world. 'Save Me' however begins with a reach up into your very core, with a very tight performance on the drums and extremely solid guitar riffs throughout the track, and indeed the entire album.

Put it this way, I find this album to be a captivating second outing for Inmoria. Dark, haunting, mesmerising are words that can all be applied to this album. Technically proficient, creatively brilliant and frequently plunges the listener into the imagery of the dark, fantasy world which inspired the name choice.

Head out and buy this album, you won't be disappointed but you may very well be haunted by it!


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