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'Falling Deeper'
Released: 5th September 2011

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

Anathema is derived from the Greek 'anathema', which means 'someone or something devoted to evil'. 'Cursed', 'rejected' and 'despised' are all words associated with this. If this is the case then allow me to step into the darkness with them and share in their work.


How glad was I when an album from a band I used to live up the street from landed on my desk? Extremely so,I must say! Being from Liverpool, I already had a little soft spot for Anathema but I have to say, without bias, I found 'Falling Deeper' to be a finely crafted collection of music which contains an absolutely transfixing sound which not only grabbed me, but held me in rapture to its very conclusion.

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Listening to the album, I was dismayed when after, what seemed like a few minutes, it was over. It's very rare that I lose track of myself whilst listening to a piece of music, and rarer still that I lose track of time.

'Crestfallen' proves to be the shape of things to come with a very haunting beginning containing, I believe, an underlay of sadness too. The instrumental work here is second to none. It gives me a feeling of all people out there who abide in the darkness awaiting their time to shine, some never reaching that. The tracks give the listener an indication that they can be lifted and achieve great things, regardless of how bleak things look. It is an almost magical sounding track which very accurately conveys the album shaping up in front of me.

Continuing on through the album, it's hard to distinguish between individual tracks to draw out and state what they meant to me whilst listening. The entire album flows so seamlessly between each individual track and emerges as a cavalcade throughout its entirety. I guarantee this is not an album you throw on for just one track. It draws you in, and before you know it the entire album has passed you by and certainly made a deep impression upon you. I do indeed challenge anybody not to be moved by this opus.

'J'ai Fait Une Promess' (I made a promise) holds a particular draw to me, although putting my finger on a reason to single this track out from the entire album is a mystery to me. I often found myself listening to this piece and mentally travelling to a world which was not as mundane as this one.

I have to commend Anathema, as I believe this album contains some superb technical skills and vocal ability. Instrumentally, it's my deeply held belief that the album is above reproach and contains original, haunting yet awe-inspiring pieces. Pay particular attention to tracks such as 'Sleep In Sanity', 'Everwake' and 'We The Gods'. Oh bugger it, pay attention to it all! You will not be disappointed.

'Falling Deeper' will not strike a chord with every single person out there, but to those who take the plunge and purchase this album it will leave a lasting impression. This band is technically gifted and deserving of a huge amount of praise for this latest chapter in the Anathema saga. Excommunicate, curse or ban them if you will, but never deny them that this work of beauty deserves to be held up and acknowledged as a masterful piece. Fall deeper and explore the world of magic, fantasy and sometimes darkness that Anathema conjures up!


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