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'Created From Nothing'

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

Lethal, powerful and knocks you off your feet! A powerful mix of Scaldis beer and Weston Old Rosie's cider that will hit you with a force that will lift you off your feet and slam you straight down. Exactly how this album made me feel! Snakebite will course through your veins like fast-acting venom!


Formed in 2003, Snakebite's London boys are continuously proving that success does not depend on following trends and pandering to the popular. They continue in their own orgy of music that resounds deep within a person and brings out that animalistic side in us all. 2010 appearances at Wacken and opening the Ronnie James Dio Stage at Bloodstock show that this four-piece South East London band are a force to be reckoned with. Definitely a group I would love to booze cruise the capital with!

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Now I can see this album is going to be a troubling one to review. No sooner did I pop the CD into my player when I was assaulted by a stampede of sound in the track 'Monolith', which started off innocuously enough and then proceeded to rampage over my auditory senses, and my failure to resist a good old mosh hindered my writing efforts for a good while. One of the definitions of the word, which I think accurately portrays this track, is 'an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force'. It certainly doesn't lack power, I have to admit!

Leading into more of the same with 'Lament A Legacy', it lends me the phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. This is most definitely working for me! A meshed mix of superb, pounding guitar riffs combined with amazing vocals had me once again reaching for the neck brace to contain my urge. That's one of the major things this album instills in the listener: a sense of strength, energy and raw, unrestrained power! I defy anyone to listen to this and not feel like you can cast down even the mightiest of beasts.

Track by track we are treated to an assault (pleasurable) on the eardrums. 'Feral Child' and 'Back To The Sun' are particular favourites of mine and contain some sublime instrumental work. The immense and powerful vocals immediately strike the listener with a fantastic surge that reaches deep down within and brings those last vestiges of energy to the foreground. It really has to be said that no wonder acclaim has been heaped on their shoulders as this album shows their ability to deliver some very impressive Metal.

I seem to be using the words 'power' and 'raw' a lot lately. This is purely to convey how much the album affects the listener. At the time of reviewing, I have to admit, I was quite lethargic, coffee at the ready and Pro-Plus on standby. After listening, however, not only did I feel energised and powerful enough to write this review but also to put up three shelving units, work out on the punch-bag, tidy the house and still had time for a good thrash around the lounge. That's how charged I felt whilst Snakebite's opus was playing.

'Created From Nothing' delivers an absolute arsenal of guitar riffs, powerful vocals and impressive lyrics in order to be a major player on the battlefield of Metal. Like a tsunami of music, this debut album grabs you and floors you during its entirety. Snakes often do not kill their victims with a bite, opting for constriction in a lot of cases. However, in this case, constricting the listener in their coils of sound is not enough. Snakebite want to be one of the elite and bite you with a venomous and powerful action that will shake your nervous system to its very core.

Created from nothing but mutated into something. Something rather special, I must say!


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