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'Fallen Angels'
Spinefarm Records
Released on 28th November 2011

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

However its delivered, be it bite or sting, venom is fast acting, destructive and rampages its way through a body affecting its very core. It contains powerful enzymes which target and disable certain processes in the body. This can lead to muscle paralysis and eventual death. However this particular album had an extreme opposite reaction and did not have me phoning Liverpool's centre for tropical diseases for a healthy dose of anti-venom! Rather the reverse methinks!


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I must say this reviewer and Venom share a certain affinity. I was born in the founding year which makes me believe that Venom is a band that is influential in the roots in thrash Metal. Not only in thrash, as 'Black Metal, 1982' is now utilised to describe an entire music genre. From their beginnings in Newcastle, Venom have gone from strength to strength, constantly proving that their stature on the battlefield of Metal is well earned and firmly acknowledged.

Beginning with 'Hammerhead', Venom launch into some guttural and engaging Metal which immediately sets the impressive tone for things to come on the entire album. From the outset Venom make this immediate challenge to the listener; "this is our stuff, listen and appreciate", and for me that works ever so well. The vocals and lyrics really draw you into a dark Metal world, coupled with instrumental ability that compliments these superbly and you have an opening track that grabs the listener, sets the scene and administers the sting.

The previous track flows ever so neatly into 'Nemisis' which keeps the listener engaged at a fantastic, powerful pace and contains an energy that flows right through the veins of anyone in earshot. Well it did for me at any rate! Pay extra attention at about 1.55 minutes into the track where we are treated to an excellent guitar piece which has even critical listeners silently (or in my case vocally) appreciating the ability.

I could list off the tracks one by one and highlight the myriad of positives which are contained within this album, probably boring you to tears in the process. I think not my friends. This album has a direct link of appeal to my senses. It's the album that gets me jazzed in the morning, thrashing in the evening and energised at night-time.

Pay particular attention to 'Pedal To The Metal', which is a fantastic tune for those engaged in any form of physical exertion who require that aggressive 'oooomph' to really boost them. It gives the whole body a jolt akin to numerous caffeine related products.

Other tracks such as 'Lap Of The Gods' and 'Death Be Thy Name' give the listener that same heightened sense of power, aggression and brutality which will shake up the nervous system of even the most sedate individual. This album could have a nun donning biker leathers, getting tattoos and proceeding down to the nearest chav infested public house for an afternoon of 'scally-nutting'. That's how powerful I believe the Metal to be in this album.

From a hellish imagery, Venom have delivered an album worthy of these talented and experienced Metal legends. Truly awe inspiring lyrics linked with great vocal ability and superb technical expertise are all evident within. After 30 years of hammering their stamp upon the Metal community, Venom show that they can still delight and astound and they certainly have not 'mellowed in time'.

Metal legends and well deserved. Venom with 'Fallen Angels' will reach up into the skies above and pull you down to earth and beyond with some excellent thrash.

'Fallen Angels' crashes to Earth on November 28th 2011 and if the last angel who fell to Earth is any indicator, the world will not be the same after it does! Pure Venom and I'm loving the infection.




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