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'Evermore Darkly'
Peaceville Records

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

Darkly does it as the shadows fall and the world is once again breached by Cradle's talons of talent. This time in a nod of appreciation to their legions of fans they have bundled together a veritable feast of nightmarish delights designed to whet and tempt the collective appetite of the throng. The main force is following on the heels but this shock strike team will leave you reeling.


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'Evermore Darkly' is a myriad of material designed to provide a welcome relief for Cradle's hordes of fans and is a 'musical stop gap between albums...'. I would say this is less of a stop gap and more an outbreak in its own right.

Containing ten tracks, an on-the-road documentary 'You Can't Polish A Turd But Can Roll It In Glitter', interview with ghoul-guide Dani Filth and extended and remixed editions galore, this is a definite must purchase for any true fan. If nothing else it is worth it for the music video to 'Lilith Immaculate'. A beautifully crafted, extensive piece from the guys at Cradle and well worthy of having significant praise heaped upon.

Straight from the offset with 'Transmission From Hell' you can tell that Cradle have not only embraced the macabre but immersed themselves fully in the darkness. It's a beginning which sends a creep up your spine and has you awaiting the album with baited breath and ghoulish glee. It does state "This could really scare you...". This isn't theatrics but a genuine warning of what is to come.

Plunging onward the rate of Cradle infection has you immediately grabbed by the throat with their newly created musical chimera 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'. This is a fantastically dark, violent and aggressive track which plunges into your very soul and then withdraws grasping every nightmarish image that is contained within and bringing them to the foreground.

Cradle's arsenal is brought to bear throughout this entire mini-album. Onward charges the extended edition of 'Lilith Immaculate', the superbly re-mixed 'Forgive Me Father' and the reworked, classical 'Summer Dying Fast'. A veritable barrage of delightfully and artfully dark pleasures with which even the most depraved of Hell's minions would feast upon.

Splattered upon the CD/DVD combination like a fantastically set macabre puppet theatre our Cradle icons give us an insight into the 'glamorous' life on tour with the documentary, performance footage and indeed the telling of the tale by Dani Filth in his interview. There is so much contained within that not even the deepest pit in Tartarus would hold. The term 'mini-album' is misleading in itself as there is a lot contained within for die hard fan or newcomer. Definitely worth taking the plunge.

The first wave of the 'Cradle contagion' has hit the shores and I must say I am loving the impact. If this is a prelude of the oncoming invasion then where do I volunteer to take up arms and play my part in making sure everybody is infected.

'Evermore Darkly' is a superbly crafted, treasure trove of material that will delight, defile and deface the very core of your being and you will be ever so grateful for it.

I stand in welcome to the Cradle contagion, Evermore so this day!



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