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'Dark Adrenaline'
(Century Media Records)
Release Date: 24th January 2012

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

"It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane."
Charles Lindbergh


When life throws at you situations that demand every inch of energy and a single mindedness of purpose bordering on the intense, you have to reach for that extra little jolt of adrenaline which can help you through. Be that a coffee, a pint or even a track that gets the blood pumping, something that can get you through situations that demand everything from you. In this, I believe, 'Dark Adrenaline' is extremely accomplished; it's my new morning espresso!

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So previously I had the immense pleasure of reviewing the Manchester leg of Lacuna Coil's UK tour and have to say I was suitably impressed with their performance. Click here for my review.

Having waited for this since the 'Shallow Life' album in 2009 I have to say that they certainly have not disappointed. Delving back to their roots whilst continually growing, this album strikes a perfect chord between both worlds; a foot firmly entrenched in each aspect as they progress upon their ever unfurling success story.

Combining a healthy mix of Lacuna Coil's history of a melodic and haunting sound and the tendency lately to produce tracks of a much heavier nature, Lacuna Coil have created an album which has achieved an extremely pleasing mix of the old and the new. Too many bands progress with studio albums by throwing out the old in favour of evolving their music to unrecognisable reaches and neglecting their solid foundations which have got them to where they are today. Lacuna Coil on the other hand have created something in this album which I can only describe as balanced evolution.

'Trip The Darkness' is one track that is fantastic for highlighting that return to the dark sound that they are famous for. Lyrically it sounds like it could be a very successful gothic poem created by Horace Walpole or Edgar Allan Poe. Performance-wise it is very much unmistakably Lacuna.

lacuna coil

The distinct mix of male/female vocals combined with some excellent instrumental work firmly places their stamp upon this track and will delight fans. Other tracks which highlight the firm nod towards their roots are 'Give Me Something More' and 'End Of Time'. In my opinion both of these tracks contain something which is entirely and unmistakably Lacuna.

That being said I always maintain that a band needs to continuously evolve with the ever changing world in which we live in. Bands can no longer rest upon their solid foundations and need to challenge the nature of the industry with new ways to prove to the community that they are constantly attempting new things.

I have to say 'Dark Adrenaline' does this with a symbiotic mix of the old and new Lacuna to show their legions of fans that, although they are developing their musical style, their faithful support is appreciated by the healthy dose of embracing the new without neglecting the old.

'Dark Adrenaline' is a fantastically accomplished album which contains a great mix of both old and the new. The style is changing to adapt to the nature of the beast, but the heart and soul of Lacuna is still contained within everything they do, beating strong, and this album is not an exception. Laden down with tracks which delight, astound and invoke so much mental imagery, this album is unmistakeably Lacuna but with a clear growth contained within.

'Dark Adrenaline' is a very apt title for this album. It's unmistakeably dark and has the blood pumping through the veins with an infectious sound that will charge you for most situations. OK, so maybe heading into a business meeting singing "Now get ready for war, its starting today" might not be the best idea, but nobody can deny that the charge one feels when listening to this album is extensive and effective.

Lacuna Coil once again have proven, with their melodic history coupled with their fledgling heavier style, that greatness can be produced whilst developing new styles and keeping true to your roots in perfect balance. Forget the coffee, forget the alcohol, when I need a charge I reach into the dark and give myself a shot of this!

Oh and for the more eclectic amongst you, see if you can name the track contained within this album that I don't care for, but performed by Lacuna has given me a new appreciation for it. It's not hard to spot!

Balanced evolution and unmistakably Lacuna! Fantastic!



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