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'The Burden Of God'
(AFM Records)
Release Date: 18th May 2012

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

"Literature boils with the madcap careers of writers brought to the edge by the demands of living on their nerves, wringing out their memories and their nightmares to extract meaning, truth, beauty." Herbert Gold

nightmare the burden of god

I love that quote and have never found a place to include it up until this point in my life. Wringing out their nightmares for our listening pleasure Nightmare have once again, for the eighth time, proved us with some finely crafted and quite awesome power Metal which will delight fans and newcomers alike. Since their inception in the year of my birth, this French Metal band has delighted fans with their own brand of Metal. Sheer power and a very 80s Metal feel are hallmarks of this band. No wonder they had the pleasure of opening for Def Leppard in 1983.

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'The Burden Of God' is a fantastic offering from the guys. Doing exactly what they do best, performing powerful and engaging music which will most certainly appeal to fans of the band and indeed the genre. From a very distinctive, haunting intro piece the guys set the pace and scene of what is about to come throughout the entire album.

Creepy doesn't begin to describe 'Gateways To The Void' intro piece. Reminiscent of a John Williams style big orchestral piece you could almost imagine yourself at the movie theatre expecting some multi-million pound blockbuster to emerge on the screen. When the vocals kick in this re-inforces that opinion.

Ploughing onwards to 'Sunrise In Hell' is where Nightmare head back into themselves, doing what they are famous for; explosive drum work, engaging lyrics, resounding riffs and powerful vocals. A perfect track to underline everything that makes this band a bloody great listen. Get out the air guitars guys and girls as this is certainly a track which will have you up; hair swinging and arms working overtime.

Onwards and upwards the album progresses and, although it is a lot of the same style and quality running along the entire length of the album, there are moments and tracks that just ooze some pure quality. Tracks where you can see the winds of change actually at work. Pray with 'The Preacher' before indulging in some almost sinful pleasure when you hear the drums and guitars kick in. Be lulled by the soft and short intro to 'Final Outcome' before, again, the power and sheer, unrestrained quality washes over you.

The list is rather endless about positive comments that can be attributed to this album. This is Nightmare doing exactly what they do best; providing their fans and power Metal fans with another album which firmly entrenches them as forces to be reckoned with. Nobody can deny that this album oozes quality, power and 80s Metal style. This album is a prime example of doing what you do best but attempting to deliver it in slightly different ways in order to make yourself stand out amongst the competition.

The word power is so over-utilised in this review but it is the most effective word to pick upon whilst describing it. A powerful album compiled by musicians who have honed their craft during their careers and are accomplishing great things in the power Metal arena. Loved the album guys and here's to many more albums to come.

Referring back to the earlier quote, Nightmare have certainly wrung an amazing amount of beauty, meaning and truth from their dreams and indeed, nightmares. They have constructed an album of raw power and dark beauty. It takes a strong back to carry a load but I urge you all to take up 'The Burden Of God'.

"Powerful, precise Metal; May not break new ground but certainly reinforces its foundations."



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