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  I AM I
'Event Horizon'
(Independent Release)
Release Date: 26th May 2012

Lee Fitzsimmons

lee fitzsimmons

"In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms it is defined as "the point of no return", i.e. the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible."

diablo swing orchestra

Now usually my intros have less of a scientific, quantifiable beginning and tend to opt for the more poetic and florid. I thought that, rather than become predictable, I should have a slight little detour and plump for a more technical and suitable start! So sue me! That's not an open invite you understand?!

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Where to begin? Where indeed? How about the fact that since their very recent creation, I AM I have already created a lot of buzz in the music community? Fronted by ex-Dragonforce's ZP Theart, these guys have banded together to provide fans with an array of music that I am sure will be fantastically well received. If you are reading this I am absolutely certain you do not need me to give you a recent history lesson on the formation of the band, that's not what we are here for, is it? Really? For those though that are hankering for a bit of a background, you can check it out right here.

That bit of housekeeping in order, let's get down to brass tacks and bash on with the real reason we are here. 'Event Horizon' guys and girls and it's damn fine if you ask me. Right from the off. 'This Is My Life' starts the ball rolling with some tried and tested pure Metal. Beginning in true style with some retro classic Metal keyboards, coupled with vintage power chords which then flow into some very powerful drum beats, included in which is the obligatory kick ass double kick. The vocals tie in perfectly to the structure and melody of the track. 80s Metal brought into the modern age and delivered exceptionally well.

Delving onwards we have 'Silent Genocide' which I shall nicely skip over as you have had the opportunity to listen and form your very own opinions of this beautiful track in the video below. Suffice to say it's my belief that this track is fundamental in highlighting just how deep the desire is to combine both the old and the new. That being said I am going to plough onwards and upwards, seeing where this journey is taking me. So far I love the beginning but will it have the legs to keep me grasped til journeys end? That's the question.

Beginning with some beautiful guitar work, 'Stay A While' provides the listener with a true insight of what they can expect from this and future I AM I endeavours. An impressive example of vocals and instruments working in symbiotic harmony to deliver their own brand musical style. Laden with perfectly crafted guitar solos and a delivered and practiced vocal range this track still keeps that 80s Metal theme firmly fixed in my mind. That is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing.

As with all good things, this cannot go on forever, but this being said I still wish to touch upon a few tracks that had stand out quality for me. Notice I used the words "...for me" as this album is overloaded with tracks which have extensive appeal to fans. Some might not be as impressed with the ones I highlight but hey, these did it for me. Floated my boat a little bit more so to speak.

In stark contrast to the heavier styles of most of the tracks, 'King In Ruins' begins with some softer soaring moments, indicative of one of the classic rock power ballads; liberally interspersed with some heavier moments of course. If it was the 80s this track would see lighters aloft, now it would be smart phones. Or for the cocky fuckers, iPads! Definitely a slow it down, middle gig moment; beautifully performed, harmonious and it oozes quality.

With 'Kiss Of Judas' opening with an immediately engaging guitar riff, this track went on to grab me and have me head banging along a little whilst typing. To quote the track "...again and again..." That's pretty much how it was whilst listening. Then we head to a more modern beginning with 'Wasted Wonders', again engaging and entertaining from the first beat. Jam packed with, once more, guitar solos, fine tuned vocals, superb drum work and fabulous energy giving this track the air of an exciting and kinetic opener. One of the more contemporary tracks on the album in my opinion.

I could go on ladies and gentlemen. I could so very well go on and on! It is my heartfelt belief that contained within this album is a myriad of moments of pure genius. The underlying feeling I get from this piece is one that is very much a slice of 80s Metal in today's age.

I think that ZP Theart and the guys have delivered an album which is dripping with passion, talent and heart, liberally sprinkled with many contemporary moments. One that, to refer back to my opener, "...makes escape impossible".

But hey, this is one music fan that doesn't want to escape! Awesome! And the manufacture on USB with the packaging!? I can add 'original and' to the previous 'awesome'.

Beautiful, accomplished and engaging Metal; who am I? I Am I!

'Event Horizon' is available for pre-order at the official I AM I website by clicking here.

You can win tickets to I AM I's debut gig at Birmingham's O2 Academy by clicking here.



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