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'Sleeping With Demons'
(Cargo Records)
Released 31st October 2011
Daryl Soar

daryl soar

The Legendary Occult Prog Rockers are back! The first studio album for decades sees guest performances from Tony Martin, ex frontman from their one time rival Black Sabbath, and original vocalist Kay Garret.

The album kicks off with simple tribal drums leading into the brilliantly entertaining 'Hail Satan' with its classic sing along chorus and Heavy Metal pan pipes. This really sets up the rest of the album as a trip through prog experimentation complete with all it's foibles and eccentricities.

black widow sleeping with demons

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'That's When Evil Touched Me' reinvents electro-pop. Onwards we sail through a timewarp into 'Party Time For Demons'. The diversity of composition and instrumentation should be sufficient to keep anyone happy. Samples and spoken words tell tales of wicked deeds and Satanic rituals as song after song helps us believe in 'Sleeping With Demons'. We are piped from musical theatre to hard rock and back again with a trusty Hammond organ always at hand when needed.

The fourth track 'Even The Devil Gets The Blues' is a bluesy number written specially for Kay Garret to show off her vocal talents. Her voice carries us on to the next song and the relentless Satanic verses of the album. If it wasn't for the inconvenient truth of sequence, you could believe this album formed part of the inspiration for Tenacious D's 'Pick Of Destiny'.

In 1970 this kind of album would have been controversial and attracted public outcry. The beauty of this album is the maintenance of a perfect self deprecating sense of humour that lends an integrity to the music and engenders it with credibility. Continuing the ever-so British feel and approach is the irony that such a classically British sounding album was recorded in Thailand.

This album has taken me to places I had long forgotten, Rocky Horror, Deep Purple, Wasp, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and so many more. Black Widow are entirely themselves.

I've reached a point where I daren't say any more as it's starting to feel like revealing the end to The Sixth Sense.

A brilliant return to the fold. Hail Satan!



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