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'American Capitalist'
(Prospect Park)
Released: 10th November 2011

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

Whoop-a-dee-fork-n-doo-dah. Got the new 5FDP album... fingers crossed...

five finger death punch american capitalist

On first listen, everything sounds great, it's just more 5FDP. Exactly what I'd expected. I was almost disappointed. But I couldn't put it down, kept finding myself flicking back to the start of the CD, and I found it getting under my skin. As I walked away I'd start humming the hook lines and singing the odd phrase that resonated with how I was feeling.

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With each listen I was picking up the subtle nuances and changes in the style. A few tracks had jumped out at me from the start with a certain newness that while still distinctly 5FDP, was something I hadn't heard before. Three listens in and I knew the album was a winner.

The opening track 'American Capitalist' begins with a tight chugging guitar riff and an obvious tune, the drums kick in and the album kicks off. It took a few listens to notice just how clean the guitar work is, now it's on my list for must learn how to play it's so good. The musicianship of the band is an embarrassment of riches, probably enhanced by the recent line-up change.

The album continues without a hitch. Everything is played to perfection, the mix is excellent and tunes never stray from a comfortable balance of aggressive screamed vocals and sing-a-long melodies.

5fdp are to Metal what Pizza Hut are to fine dining. You don't have to worry about the finest ingredients and incredible presentation, you just grab a slice a tuck in.

The songs are all conveniently sized morsels of around three and a half minutes. They won't challenge you with a Stilton Ice cream taste combination of an act like Opeth, and as long as no one has a cheese allergy they will deliver enough variation to satisfy everyone.

The simplistic, straightforward, punch in the face lyrics are as ever present as on either previous album. Saying it like that makes it appear easy but it's not. Get it wrong and things sound juvenile. Ivan has a knack of making the words fit emotionally with the message he's conveying. "Did you hear the one about me givin' a f..k?" Well it's that kind of confrontational honesty that feeds the energy of the band's spectacular live shows.

My favourite track is 'Coming Down' and is definitely the soundtrack to my life at the moment. Probably the ballad of the album, it's a pleasant little ditty about surviving at the expense of someone who had previously used you to stay afloat. We've all heard Metallica start acoustic and click in the distortion to liven things up, and we've heard the formula used by countless others. On this song 5FDP have taken their sound and done something uniquely new with the formula. It sounds so natural you could miss it but for me it deserves a mention.

Other tracks that stand out are 'Wicked Ways' and '100 Ways To Hate'. The latter having one of the best choruses in Metal history, it's irresistibly catchy, and I'm sure we'll all have a special someone to think about as we sing along.

It has to be a good sign when I've picked three songs out of the eleven and not included either single. All the songs on the album have a sense of momentum that propels you on to the next which I think is what I love so much about it.

A quick check around the internet sees 5 out of 5 ratings abound and I have to join the crowd on this one. Be part of the pride, think for yourself, evolve, and if you happen to agree with the masses, enjoy the ride.

American Capitalist is a surefire winner.


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