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'Absence Of Light'
(Rising Records)
Released: 12th December 2011

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

If you're a fan of Drowning Pool's 'Sinner' looking for a worthy successor to Metallica's 'Black' album then look no further. It weighs in at about a Rammstein, and the songs tick by with the same metronomic precision.


The production values are incredibly high. Every beat, every strum, every line is incredibly well-written. The band have left no stone unturned in making sure the songs are as good as they can be. Does it knock my socks off, is it cool? Is imitation ever cool?

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The album is clearly good from the second it starts. It's actually grown on me and I really like it. The vocals too often sound like Hetfield and despite being their own band, the music is very reminiscent of Metallica and Drowning Pool. So it doesn't wow me on every level, even though I really can't fault it. I love the bands I'm being reminded of. The songs are catchy and I keep finding myself humming them.

The only thing missing for me are a few tour dates to see how the songs come across live. Given the general attention to detail, I'm sure the live show will be spectacular.

Xerosun have their sights set on world domination and if they keep up this standard, they might just achieve it.



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