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'False Idols And Pyrite Thrones'
(Rising Records)
Released: 12th December 2011

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

Almost from the moment it started, this album felt like it had been part of my collection for years. A moody opening with spoken lyrics lead straight into a thrash explosion, screaming vocals and full-on guitars.


Ticking all the boxes so far, it came down to the the main element of taste and preference, the vocals. For the most part, they are a Ronseal affair delivering exactly what I expected.

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Kaideka drift into passages reminiscent of Mudvayne and System Of A Down that sit less comfortably over the music but, after a few listens through, they had grown on me. The band manage to pack in pretty much everything you could want: twin lead guitar, broken rhythms, dissonance, syncopation, singalong choruses, double-bass drumming, everything!

Kaideka describe themselves as nu-thrash, listing influences from Metallica to Lamb Of God. While the influences are obvious, they are combined in such a way that gives the band a distinctly unique voice. For those fond of British thrash, I'd describe these as a British Testament.

I'm sure anyone who buys this will find themselves leaving it on and forgetting its a new addition; it feels right at home. The songs avoid sounding contrived or manufactured by taking risks, and that is why I like it more than just another thrash album that ticks the boxes.



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