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'Darkest Before The Dawn'
(Rising Records)
Released: 28th November 2011

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

The first thing that struck me was the fat, blubbery front pickup-like guitar sound. I've no idea what came first, the guitar sound or the riffs, because one seems to be the product of the other.


There are some production issues like the vocal mix being too quiet on the first track and the odd lead break sounding a little out of time and mistake-ridden. I'm sure this is an issue of the band being artistic and doing what they wanted, but it doesn't win favour with me.

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The songs quickly tap into your subconscious and have you humming along. That fat guitar sound pushes along some chunky simple riffs that can't be faulted. The thing that surprised me was that there are some genuinely exceptional moments on this album, some classic guitar riffs.

Musically the band strike me as being a little like a slightly thin and superficial Deftones. But there's no denying that the songs are catchy and well-written. The occasionally more chuggy sections don't really pass muster thanks to that blubbery guitar sound, but the alternating twin guitar rhythms stand out. You can even hear the bass, which is nice.

I wish the vocals were stronger, more moody and louder. But overall this is a pretty good effort. If the Deftones and Weezer are your thing, this could be the ideal next purchase.



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