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'Master Of Brutality' and 'Second Coming'
(Rise Above Records)

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

A slightly self-indulgent Orange Goblin with a touch of black death (Metal) in the vocals.

church of misery master of brutality

Being a quality knock off of a classic British product, it seems inevitable the band hail from Japan, not that you would ever guess. And as a fan of Orange Goblin I've really enjoyed having these albums, their bluesy feel keeping a feel good skip in my step. The recording is really clean while being fat enough to pump out a groove of infectious stoner Metal.

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Mathematical analysis of the two albums would deliver precisely the same solution. The composition and style are identical. But musically the sum of the parts does not add up so equally.

'Second Coming' has a better groove and feel to it without any component standing out as better. The guitar is just that bit more tuneful; the drums and rhythm of the vocals are locked together and the dynamic range is a shade wider.

church of misery second coming

The differences between the albums really are paper thin so if you buy 'Second Coming' and like it, 'Masters Of Brutality' would make an excellent addition to your music collection.

These albums are definitely worth a try. But if you need any more convincing, get down to Camden on April 7th for Desertfest.



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