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Daryl Soar

daryl soar

Buy this album - it's brilliant. Whatever genre you think this band falls into, if you like it, you will be impressed. They have until now suffered from being that band that isn't Killswitch Engage but with 'Equilibrium' have carved their own niche with a solid and complex offering that screams God Forbid louder than any dare claim otherwise. There are influences buried in the music but it is only incidental to the songs.

God Forbid Equilibrium

'Scraping The Walls' has the most sublimely picked chromatic notes and harmonically challenging split rhythms. You have to hear it to appreciate how brave the guitar work is. 'Cornered' is made up of simpler riffs but pushes the boat out with the arrangement and 'This Is Who I Am' is singalong anthem material.

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The guitars stray into an Iron Maiden busting three parts on occasion without ever sounding pretentious or over produced. They have that nasal honk and clarity that is prevalent at the moment and at times you can hear how little distortion is needed to create such a massive sound. A distorted bass is slipped in to great effect while the vocals are layered without sounding double tracked and fill every space available.

Song after song the album just gets better. What I find most exciting is that I'm sure I will favour different tracks as my mood varies. Simply switching from stereo to headphones changed my preference.

The album has everything from simple wall of sound riffs to musically challenging multipart compositions. It doesn't journey into Prog but will still challenge you and keep you entertained with previously unheard nuances.

My only hope is that the band will find their way onto a festival line-up in the summer.



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