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'All Over You'
Release Date: 4th June 2012

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

"Rock is, was, and always will be raw, dirty, and bad to the bone."

barbe q barbies all over you

It's difficult to fault a band that sets out with an outlook like that and it may prove key to future success. They have their rocked up sleaze glam sound down pat; twangy Marshall guitar, clear bass and simple under sung catchy vocal lines. Plus they look great!

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The songs are fundamentally well written. There is nothing spectacular about any of them, no virtuoso instrumentalism or creativity of staggering genius. But expecting that would be like expecting gourmet food from a fast food chain. And gourmet was never the intention. This is musical bubblegum.

The opening track is influenced by AC/DC. The second is so achingly familiar it wouldn't be out of place on a Steel Panther or Darkness album. Next up, and weakest song on the album, is The Sweet's 'Wig Wam Bam' which fits with the sound but stands out like a boil on a supermodel.

Track 4's title, 'Twisted Little Sister', had me searching the internet to see if it was a cover, which it isn't. Before I knew it the album was almost over. Track 8, 'Don't Look At Me' is a catchy song with acoustic verse and rocked up chorus and easily my favourite.

Niki's vocals are nothing to write home about but unlike other female fronted bands she doesn't fall into the trap of singing every note at full tilt giving yours truly listening fatigue after a couple of tracks. Instead she concentrates on creating singalong lines and leaving herself enough space to blast it out only when the song requires.

If your music collection is looking a bit too serious and you're ready for a little lightly refreshing sleaze glam, Barbe-Q-Barbies could be exactly what you need. 'All Over You' is a proper taste of summer that could well see this Finnish all girl group emerge from a sea of auto-tuned hard rock clones and sunset strip wannabes to set the record straight.

Catch the band at the following shows in 2012:

May 30th, Wednesday: Supporting Jettblack at The Borderline
May 31st, Thursday: Main support to Oliver Dawson Saxon at Underworld Camden
June 2nd, Saturday: Supporting Attica Rage at Underworld Camden



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