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'Mind Games'
(Rising Records)

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

This album proves Silent Descent are an accomplished band with their own style and personality. They have combined genres in a more satisfying and natural way than I've heard before. The tempo and intensity varies from song to song, maintaining interest and satisfying that part of me that questions the validity of incorporating trance/dance themes.

silent descent mind games

The music is more firmly in the Metal camp than dance which could account for why I like it so much. The thing is, it's the crossover influences and variety of emotional timbre that keeps winning me over rather than hearing something inherently familiar from the style of music I love.

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'Lasting Impression' has whooping guitar-hero style lead work. The intro has that guttural dance grind. The rhythm is voyages close to math-Metal on its circuitous route to excellence. The shouted verses are punkish; the screams deathly.

Layer upon layer of pure class displaying the discression and maturity required to produce an album full of top quality songs. This is the first time I've been able to forget the crossovers and just enjoy the songs.

The only thing that comes unexpectedly on this album is the end. At 45 minutes it's hardly long but it's far from short which shows how enjoyable the listening experience has been.

'Mind Games' is amongst my favourites of 2012. I'm even checking tour dates because it's got me genuinely excited.

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