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Sunday 27th May 2012

Daryl Soar: Pictures by Tony Mottram

daryl soar

As debut shows go, this was far from the fumbled performance typically delivered by bands on their first outing. ZP knows how to perform! His years with Dragon Force have endowed him with an enormous talent which is impossible to match as his immaculate long hair and he's got a really great band behind him as well.

i am i

Warm up acts Achilla and Primitai served their roles well, ironing out kinks in the PA and getting the fans ready for the main event. Primitai did a splendid job; banging out simple Metal tunes and breathing a little life into the hesitant crowd.

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I AM I hit the stage as ZP waited in the wings. Anticipation was building and then the moment as ZP launched into the opening line of 'This Is My Life', and when the sound engineer finally woke up, his vocals were reassuringly magnificent and settled the crowd.

The comfortably sized venue was intimate enough for a drunken reveller to shout pointless nothings during every moment of silence, but the band were not to be deterred performing the songs like a finely tuned machine.

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Vocally we knew what to expect. Musically, it still has that sing along feel and technical rhythm work, but unlike Dragon Force the songs are all important. Jacob Ziemba's lead guitar work proved to be excellent both technically and melodically, giving everyone the chance to forget the past and enjoy the new.

The setlist was almost completely made up of tracks from debut album 'Event Horizon' and every one is a winner. Click here to read's review of 'Event Horizon'.

i am i

The encore featured a rendition of Queen's 'The Show Must Go On' demonstrating the enormity of ZP's talent. I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking that he would have been a better Freddie stand-in than both Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert.

This was a special show and one to say "I was there!" and it featured a special for the debut, guest pianist Sarann Boo playing on the back to back slower tracks 'See You Again' and 'King In Ruins'.

i am i

There were some minor kinks which are sure to have all been worked out by the time they hit the big stage as overall this was a performance that showed that all the talk about I AM I is justified. Yes, this band are headed for the big time.

After the show, the band graced the hall with their presence and spent a long time with the fans.

i am i

But the fact I'm telling you even half of this says one thing loud and clear - I AM I are great! Don't be shocked to find a couple of them look as Metal as your nan because they can all play.

The songs are flawless and the tunes all instantly accessible. Roll on Bloodstock is all I can say. I AM I are confirmed to play the main stage on Saturday and whoever they're pitted against, go to see these guys instead; you won't be disappointed.

i am i


This Is My Life
In The Air Tonight
Inside Of Me
Cross The Line
See You Again
King in Ruins
Stay A While
Wasted Wonders
Dust To Dust
Kiss Of Judas
Pave The Way
The Show Must Go On Silent Genocide

i am i

i am i

i am i

I AM I's debut Album 'Event Horizon' is out now via the official I AM I website by clicking here.



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