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  4 ARM
'Submission For Liberty'
(Rising Records)

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

If you're the kind of Metal fan that listens to Testament and Machine head then 4 Arm will slot right into your collection. Without ever sounding derivative they manage to squeeze into a genre that didn't appear to have a gap for another, but here they are.

4arm submission for liberty

Andy Sneap, love him or hate him, raised the bar on production of this style of straight forward thrash and 4 Arm clear it with ease.

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The vocals have that innocent nakedness of early Metallica or new boys Evile and capture your heart in the process.

The guitars are spot on with a rich tone and clear precise rhythm. The drums keep time and maintain the feel without ever standing out or getting obnoxious like a blast beat frenzy in the face, exactly as you would expect.

Having supported Testament I'm sure they are already winning new fans. If you haven't heard them before, grab 'Submission For Liberty' as it's a winner that will keep you coming back for more.

Catch them at Download: Redbull Stage on Saturday at 12.30. Let's hope these Australian Metallers bring the weather with them.

Good times!



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