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'Crimes Against Humanity'

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

eugenic death crimes against humanity

The band is Eugenic Death, the album is 'Crimes Against Humanity'. Now take a long hard look at the picture. Stare a little longer, look deeper, see those worn old t-shirts and soak up the smell of patchouli.

Now you know exactly what this album sounds like don't you? And don't be cruel, but it's not big or clever is it? I'm not sure this band hasn't come a few years too late but I can assure you the songs are fun, well written and best of all, the lead guitar work is accurate and played VERY cleanly.

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The guitar sound is closer to early Exodus than the timeless Testament and the vocals fall somewhere between Slayer's Tom Araya and Testament's Chuck Billy. The lead guitar tone is occasionally front pick-up but always rings clear and fits well with the backing. There's no hiding which camp Eugenic Death are elbowing their way into.

I could run you through the track list describing each song but you know it's just thrash, including all the typical variability of the genre: simple chugged rhythmns, held chords slip in a tune, catchy vocal phrasing and in your face solo's.

There's no super glued time changes or frantic switches between clean and distorted guitar.

Remember that photo? Yep, it's all good clean Thrash.

Track List:
Crimes Against Humanity
Medication Time
Indicative Deity
The Devil Waits
Plagued By Ignorance
The Practice




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