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'Adjust To Darkness'
(Indie Recordings)

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

overthrow adjust to darkness

In 1992, Thrash was done, and it continued to be done without apology from that time forward. While most bands are content to rob the graves of long dead artists and walk brazenly around in the corpse skins of the past, Overthrow have managed to breathe life into enough songs to assemble a quality album. With each track they bring the kind of energy and vigour that ignited the thrash movement as it blossomed in the late 80s.

The first track shows they understand how a blast beat should be used to hammer a groove into your forehead. By the fourth track you can feel pleasantly reassured that the band is not content to merely open a wound in your skull but want to pour in healthy dose recuperative melody and a soothing array of textures layered upon your grey matter like a metaphoric Thrash helmet.

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So what is it like? Well THRASH you... enlightened connoisseur of great musical integrity.

The album has the charms of an early Exodus-Slayer baby but does away with the need for comparison as it is clearly its own creation. The production is in line with the current crop of highly polished material. The vocals occasionally drift into the shouty-growl used by those teenage angst inspired artists, which I like if it's done well, and this album shines a light on exactly how it should be.

Overthrow's debut, 'Adjust To Darkness' is a great album that after a few listens will easily fit into the category of pleasant surprise when it comes up on shuffle.

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