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'A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision'

Daryl Soar

daryl soar


Kaideka's first album had great songs with attention grabbing ideas that maintained your interest beyond the wafer thin production.

On 'A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision', the band's second release, the guitars are now a full Metal ensemble that complement the in your face vocals and drums. The band have done an admirable job of raising the production values into the same ball park as the competition.

I really wish I knew more about the album but all I have is the songs. I could tell you more about the band but at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is the music.

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Writing and recording a second album imbues its own pressure on an artist. Kaideka have shrugged it off to produce another great piece of work full of imagination and individuality. While the band have their own voice they manage to find enough variation for each song to be different and stand up in its own right, on its own terms.

The vocals have become a little more focussed and stay more firmly in the screech and growl camp than before. The band have remained fearless in their approach and while the vocals are unafraid to dip into shouty-sung passages or youth inspired drawl, the guitars delve deeper into dissonance and aural challenges than practically all their peers.

The songs won't take you on a journey as challenging as an Opeth epic but will make you wonder if the riffs were stolen from the clammy paws of a Max Cavelera with a Jazz infection or inspired by a folk-Metal Lamb Of God fusion.

Like I said, this band has its own unique voice. The impressive part is that the voice does not come at the expense of breaking the genre they fit within. Nailing precisely which genre that is (Nu Trash according to the band) will never be my forte but it most definitely is a high intensity groove laden Heavy Metal complete with blast beats, guitar dissonance, melody and complex tonal composition that combines to create an aural experience that is both familiar and new.

Check them out and see what you think. I think they're great, to quote Kellogg's Tony the Tiger. And I'm sure they will give others lots of pleasure too.

It may not be easy listening but it certainly doesn't require the tenacity it takes to extract the best of a new Napalm Death album, and the music is without doubt accessible enough to appeal.

As you listen through the album expect surprises because every time you think you know where you stand, the fearless guitar work will come at you with another attack.

The track listing reveals not only the eclectic nature of the material but the band's willingness to tackle any subject and refusal to be pigeonholed.

1. 25145400 (The Nameless)
2. Pre-requisite
3. Higs Bosun
4. The Vindicators Facade
5. Shackles Of The Flesh
6. A Drinking Song For Drug Addicts
7. Obsessive
8. Dim Cave Droan
9. A Blissful Image Of Dystopian Vision
10. Verb The Noun

I can't give this album less than 4 beers, it's a real cracker. Well done lads, any chance of another?




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