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24th January 2014

Daryl Soar

daryl soar

black space riders

German extraterrestrial rockers release a deluge of bizarre self description with their third album, 'D:REI'.

EMP describe them as: "The Münster space, psychedelic, doom and stoner rockers" proving the band are not alone in expressing their individuality. The band operate their own label and exploit the privilege of musical freedom to the full.

No concept album would be complete without a moody windscape storm scene growing from almost silence to erupt into its opening track and D:REI is no exception. Where this concept departs from the foreboding expectation of pretentious composition is with the big fat simplicity of the opening riff. This brash in your face stomp continues into the second track and never really relinquishes its hold on your attention throughout to the the entire album.

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Third track 'Rising From The Ashes Of Our World' is the first to show the band's skills at catchy riff writing. This divergence into a more straight forward Metal feel is the first glimpse of the musical freedom the band are exploiting to express the underlying concept.

Will you like it... I know, funny question halfway through a review but it's the elephant in the room when it comes to artistic expression. Interesting, but is it good? The simple answer is, listen to the lyric video here and if you like it, the album is DEFINITELY worth a listen.

As the album progresses the songs occasionally add some interesting dynamic range and unusual timbres that add interest the the relentless foot tapping stomp that is the bands sound.

More interesting is the apparent incorporation of influences from outside a single genre of Metal: Jack White, Strokes, Kasabian... I won’t say these are direct influences but given the overall harshness and aggression in the vocals and mix, lighter textures are a juxtaposed surprise in an otherwise simplistic psychedelic Metal album.

If you like the track and the eclectic mix of genres I've just hinted at, and this still doesn't whet your appetite, then you should probably return to your tub of vanilla Haagen Daaz and move on.

It didn't light my fire but it did spark my interest enough to encourage others to give it a listen. It's a good solid album that I couldn't find fault with, which is a sentiment you can't really express too often when wading through the mire of the concept album jungle.

To learn more about the concept visit

Stare at the Water
Bang Boom War (Outside my Head)
Rising from the Ashes of our World
Give Gravitation to the People
Way to Me
Temper is Rising
The GOD-survivor
I see
Space Angel (Memitim)
Major Tom Waits
Letter to a Young One
The Everlasting Circle of Infinity

Black Space Riders are:
JE: Lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words
SEB: Lead vocals, melodies, words
CRIP: Drums, vocals, additional songwriting
SLI: Guitars, additional songwriting
SAQ: Bass guitar, additional songwriting

2010: s/t (sound guerilla/da)
2012: Light is the new black (BSR/Brainstorm/Roughtrade)
2014: D:REI (BSR/Cargo)





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