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I'm here with Jamie Thorne, bassist/vocalist for London Metal titans Nightlord about their addition to the Bristol and London dates of the Thrash Invasion 2014 Tour. Are you exited about it?

"We're absolutely stoked to be even a small part of this tour with some amazing bands we've been fans of for a long time, Onslaught and Artillery, and of course now we have Steve Smyth's new band One Machine.

"I've been a big fan of Onslaught for years, I first saw them back in 86 supporting Anthrax at the now demolished Hammersmith Palais so when we first got to play with them a couple of years ago it was a bit of a fangasm for me! The fact that they were top chaps as well when we met up before the gig made it even better.

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"With Artillery it feels like a bit of unfinished business, we were due to play with them back at the start of the 90s but they weren't able to make it over so I guess there's some Metal closure there as well.

"One Machine are a newer band with some great previous pedigree and what self-respecting thrasher hasn't been following Steve's progress in Testament, Forbidden, Nevermore, Dragonlord and Vicious Rumors for years! I saw them recently with Nile so I know we're really going to pull out our A-game to follow them in London!

"We're only playing a couple of shows on the tour but they have a real 'home fixture' feel – Bristol on 19th July, Onslaught's home town and London on the 20th July, Nightlord's home town. Awesome! Oh, and Demonic Resurrection will be at the Bristol show which promises to be interesting too."


So as it's a traditional thrash show, are you only going to be playing songs from the 80s and 90s?

"Ha, ha, very funny... Tempting, but no. At the moment we're working hard to complete the recording of our third album, 'Reborn In Darkness' so there will be some new material in the setlist.

"We've completed all the writing on nine new songs so we could play only new tunes but I think we'll mix it up. Whilst we've stretched ourselves with some new styles on the new album it's still got that Nightlord feel so any of them will slot right in amongst the old favourites – we've never been a band that is stuck in a one rut genre, something we're proud of but that we've occasionally got stick about from the purists.

"Some of our songs are heads-down thrash but there's melody, doom, classic rock and even some punk flavours amongst the old and new... but it is most definitely Metal, trust me, whatever the minutiae of the genre! Although we are planning to dredge up a song that was on our setlist when we were due to play with Artillery in the 90s and which we haven't had in our setlist since we all got back together three or so years ago."


Wow, nine new songs; can you tell us something about them?

"Sure, we've put a lot of thought and effort into them, from song structure, themes, lyrics and even titles – I've got a theory that the best song titles are a bit like a menu and by just reading them off of the back of an album you could tell which songs would be the best just by that. Slayer are the Kings of that for me, songs like 'Raining Blood', 'Spirit In Black' and 'Hell Awaits', you just knew they'd be awesome. Whereas even songs by other bands I like but with a crap title just leave me disappointed.

"Let's just say that with song titles such as 'Omens In Entrails', about prophesy by disembowelment, and 'The Gaze Of Gorgons' we're on that former track – I won't list the rest, look out for the album!

"What we haven't forgotten though is to write songs we like to play and that people will like to listen to. We've made sure that each song is great in its own right - no fillers from us - and that they all sit together on the album so fans can air-guitar along, bang their heads or bellow the lyrics together with us when we play them live.

"We're just finishing off the recording now so after mastering and mixing it'll be out in the autumn."

Any other Nightlord news before we finish?

"This December 2014 is our 25th anniversary of our first gig so we're looking to do something at the end of the year to celebrate that – early plans are to do a headline show in London around that time with some old thrash friends so keep an eye out for that.

"It'll be something special. The great thing is, we're still just the same four friends playing the Metal music we all love."



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