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'Five Serpent's Teeth'

Johnny Main

daryl soar

Huddersfield's finest exponents of thrash metal return with their third album 'Five Serpent's Teeth'. For those unaware, the band's first album ('Enter The Grave') was released in 2007 followed by 'Infected Nations' in 2009. The latter album's release was somewhat over-shadowed by the tragic death of bass player Mike Alexander whilst on tour in Sweden.

evile five serpent's teeth

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Joel Graham has now filled the void left by Alexander and a bout of touring in support of 'Infected Nations' has ensured that the new guy has gelled with the rest of the band well, and this carries on to the new album well.

On the whole, this third album certainly is on-par if not better than the previous two albums. Standout moments include the frantic 'In Dreams of Terror', 'Origin Of Oblivion' and 'Descent Into Madness' set against the slower tracks like 'In Memoriam', 'Cult' and 'Xaraya'.

However, it's on these slower tracks where they quite clearly demonstrate that Evile are capable of not just being a shredding band but are also able to produce some fantastic slower paced songs.

In short, if you're going to buy one thrash album this year, you don't need to look any further than 'Five Serpent's Teeth'.



Five Serpent's Teeth
In Dreams of Terror
Eternal Empire
Origin of Oblivion
In Memoriam
Descent into Madness
Long Live the New Flesh

Band Members

Matt Drake – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ol Drake – Lead guitar
Joel Graham – Bass guitar
Ben Carter – Drums



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