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Glasgow, Cathouse
21st October 2011

Johnny Main

daryl soar

I was going to describe Evile's gig in Glasgow tonight as 'simply awesome', but I've been told that I'm not allowed to do that and should expand on the statement a wee bit.

To be truthful, although having enjoyed Evile's three albums ('Enter The Grave', 'Infected Nations' and the newly released 'Five Serpent's Teeth'), this was the first opportunity that I had to see the band in a live situation.

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We all know that Glasgow's always a good city for a gig, especially on a Friday night, but I was genuinely surprised about how packed The Cathouse was for this gig. I've mentioned Evile to a few people over the last year and not many folk seem to have seen them live, but the bar was doing a roaring trade. Even drummer Ben Carter was spotted pressing the flesh with eager fans before going on.

As Evile hit the stage, first out was the title track from the new album (one of five new offerings in their current setlist), along with a couple of tracks from each of their previous two albums. The frantic crowd loved every minute of the good but short set. The only thing I found was that Matt Drake's vocals seemed to get lost in the mix somewhere, but it still didn't take anything away from the awesome display put on by the band. All in all, an excellent set from a band that are sure to go far in the future.

Special mention must be made of Circle Of Tyrants, a local band who won a competition to support Evile at this particular show. A very good young band with a lot of potential.


Five Serpent's Teeth
Killer From the Deep
Eternal Empire
We Who Are About to Die
Cult (Renamed 'C**t' for tonight only by Matt Drake)
Descent Into Madness
Infected Nation
Enter the Grave

Band Members:

Matt Drake (lead vocals/rhythm guitar)
Ol Drake (lead guitar)
Joel Graham (bass guitar)
Ben Carter (drums)



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