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Glasgow O2 Academy
8th November 2011

Johnny Main

daryl soar

It's been a long time since Evanescence did a full UK tour, so these gigs sold out very fast, making this one of the most anticipated UK tours of 2011.


Supporting their new self-titled album, the band kicked things off with the first track, 'What You Want', to a rapturous reception from the crowd. The new album has twelve tracks (on the standard version) and Evanescence aired nine of these tonight. This could've been seen as a risk by some people as the album had only been out for barely a month before the tour, but it was a risk that seemed, for the most part, to have paid off judging by the crowd reaction to these new numbers.

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Among the newer songs, 'The Other Side', 'Lost In Paradise' and 'Made Of Stone' have the chance to be future live evergreen songs for the band, whereas the crowd sounded somewhat less enthusiastic about 'Never Go Back'.

With not much of a stage set or backdrop (except the blinding lights at either side of the stage, which could be a bit disconcerting after a while), it was up to vocalist Amy Lee to keep the crowd's energy going for most of the night, as the rest of the band seemed to be fairly well rooted to the spot for periods during the gig.


Along with the new songs, this was, of course, the first occasion that many have seen Evanescence play any older tracks. These included excellent renditions of 'Lithium' (complete with grand piano onstage), 'Going Under', 'Call Me When You're Sober', their 2003 debut single 'Bring Me To Life' and the hauntingly beautiful 'My Immortal' - a true classic that saw the band depart the stage with a lot of fans hoping they don't leave it so long before they do another UK tour.


What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Weight of the World
The Change
Made Of Stone
Lost In Paradise
My Heart Is Broken
Call Me When You're Sober
Bring Me To Life


Never Go Back
Your Star
My Immortal


Amy Lee - lead vocals, piano
Terry Balsamo - lead guitar
Troy McLawhorn - rhythm guitar
Tim McCord - bass
Will Hunt - drums




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