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'Save The World'
(No Label)
Out In January 2012

Johnny Main

daryl soar

Wolfsbane have reformed a couple of times over the last few years and toured occasionally, but 'Save The World' is their first full length album since 1994s self-titled album. The question is, though, is it any good?


Well, the short answer is "Yes, it's very good" but the longer answer is that this album is everything you expect from a Wolfsbane record. Eleven rock solid tracks performed with skill and integrity. The latter has always been an important factor within Wolfsbane, so this album is an entirely independent release – financed, written, recorded, produced and distributed without any interference from a record company.

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'Blue Sky' kicks things off nicely followed by 'Teacher' and 'Buy My Pain' (which first came to light in the 1995 post-Wolfsbane album when Jase Edwards, Steve Ellett and Jeff Hateley formed a short-lived band called Stretch along with Jez Spencer) before things slow down with the almost autobiographical 'Starlight'.

There isn't really a bad song on the album and tracks like 'Live Before I Die', the heavier 'Everybody's Looking For Something Baby' and 'Child Of The Sun' (a first for Wolfsbane since the track is penned soley by guitarist Jase Edwards unlike nearly all the previous compositions which have been credited to the band) are all songs that are well written and performed.

If this is Wolfsbane's last hurrah on an album – it's a great farewell! Then again this could be a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the future!

Wolfsbane for Sonisphere 2012? The campaign starts here!


'Blue Sky'
'Buy My Pain'
'Smoke and Red Light'
'Illusion of Love'
'Live Before I Die'
'Who Are You Now'
'Everybody's Looking For Something Baby'
'Child of the Sun'
'Did It For the Money'

Blaze Bayley - vocals
Jase Edwards - guitar
Jeff Hateley - bass
Steve 'Danger' Ellett - drums

Available from as well as via the merchandise stand on the band's upcoming tour.

Twitter: @wolfsbanehms



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