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'Omery Rising' EP
(MGR Records)
Release Date: 23rd September 2013

Johnny Main

johnny main

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Omery Rising were formed in Fresno, California around 2007 by bass player Michael McClanahan and guitarist David Ramos when they were inspired to start a band after listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

This EP is their first foray into recording and their mantra of bringing "Heavy Metal back to the top" is a bold statement – but is this a prophecy that the band will achieve?

Overall the sound on the EP is very good if a little patchy in places. They have previously stated their dislike of "growling" Heavy Metal vocal styles, preferring a much cleaner Hard Rock orientated vocal style and vocalist John Nightdance does a good job. Four songs are included here and one short instrumental track and with a running time of around twenty two minutes, there's lots to delve into.

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One of the best tracks here is the final one, 'Sleepy Hollow'. It's a good mid-paced track and Nightdance manages a credible vocal performance. There is a blistering guitar solo (if a little short, however) from Ramos which in turn leads into quite a good guitar riff.

Likewise the track 'Salem Witch' has a really good bass break played by McClanahan which is punctuated by the guitar solo which, again, is credible if somewhat disjointed. Nightdance gives his best impression of Rush vocalist Geddy Lee and the maniacal laugh at the end is a great touch.

omery rising

'Battle Cry' is good with its lyrical guitar towards the end, although at times it seems to lack a bit of structure. At the end of the day, though, it's nothing much more than an extended intro to 'Tortured Souls', which is a good mid-tempo song with great central guitar riff. Nightdance seems to struggle slightly with some of the high notes but apart from that, this one of the better tracks on the EP.

The band are young and very enthusiastic – there's no doubt about that, but they do have a bit of polishing to do with regards to their performance. With a bit of help and some encouragement, though, there's no reason why they cannot be a great Heavy Metal band in the future and I'm certainly interested in keeping an eye on them to see how their career progresses.

Tears of Blood
Salem Witch
Battle Cry
Tortured Souls
Sleep Hollow

Omery Rising are:
John Nightdance – Vocals
David Ramos – Guitar
Michael McClanahan – Bass Guitar
Ernesto Zepeda – Drums


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