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'Eternal Defiance'
(AFM Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main


SuidAkrA have been described as melodic death Metal or a folk Metal band but either way their new album, 'Eternal Defiance' shows a band at the top of their game and although the album has been out for a few months, it still seems to be off the radar of most Metal Fans.

Quite why I'm not sure because what they have produced here is an interesting album that fuses some of the key death Metal sounds (blast drum beats along with growling vocals) with more traditional instruments and exquisite vocals giving a somewhat unique sound.

The first track is the instrumental 'Storming The Walls' which is great start with it's almost military style drumming from Lars Wehner which blends into a nice keyboard track from the multi-talented Arkadius Antonik. By the time the guitars come in to join the track, it takes on a whole new dimension. A slightly truncated version of this could be used to great effect as an intro to the band's live set.

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'Beneath The Red Eagle' has blast beats from Wehner during the extended intro before the vocals from Antonik break out. The song, which tells the story of someone leaving home to join the Roman Legion, is very good and Antonik is joined on vocals here by Tina Stabel which has a good contrast between the two voices and their very different vocal styles.

Sabel returns to the microphone for the choruses of 'March Of Conquest', which again has a theme of battle - something of a recurring theme throughout the album. The blending of the voices here is, again, great as both Stabel and Antonik are actually singing during the choruses as opposed to the latter using the death Metal vocal style that he uses during the verse and the addition of bagpipes in the back of the mix make this a very enjoyable track.

The bagpipes return in the subsequent track, 'Pair Dadeni' although this time they are very much in the forefront of the mix. The song doesn't at all look out of place within the confines of this album, and just when you think it can't get any better, there is a great guitar solo from Antonik. Indeed this particular track has become one of my favourites after listening to the album on and off for a week.


It's not all death Metal, however, as the band demonstrates with songs like 'The Mindsong' which has the vocals on this handled solely by Stabel who gives an outstanding performance. Backed with just an acoustic guitar and a piano - this track, if nothing else should be released as a single and should garner the band some airplay on all these Rock radio stations that seem to be popping up everywhere.

Also worthy of note is 'Damnatio Memoriae' which again, is just an acoustic guitar played elloquently and you'd be forgiven on the first listen for thinking it's just an instrumental piece until the short vocal lines from Antonik come into play. If you get the Digipack version album, you're treated to an extra track, the jolly stains of 'Mrs McGrath' which sounds like an old Irish folk tune, and is a great way to end the album.

Storming The Walls
Inner Sanctum
Beneath The Red Eagle
March Of Conquest
Pair Dadeni
The Mindsong
Rage For Revenge
Dragon's Head
Defiant Dreams
Damnatio Memoriae
Mrs McGrath (Bonus Track)

You can see SuidAkrA live here:
Friday 20th September - Hellraiser, Leipzig
Saturday 21st September - Hessenhallen , Giessen
Sunday 22nd September - Trix, Antwerp
Monday 23rd September - Bataclan, Paris
Tuesday 24th September - The Garage, Saarbrücken
Wednesday 25th September - Live Club, Milan
Thursday 26th September - Docks, Lausanne
Friday 27th September - Muischall, Geiselwind
Saturday 28th September - Backstage, Munich
Sunday 29th September - Z7, Pratteln
Monday 30th September - Markthalle, Hamburg
Tuesday 1st October - Postbahnhof, Berlin
Wednesday 2nd October - Masters of Rock Cafe, Zlin
Thursday 3rd October - Arena, Wien
Friday 4th October - LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart
Saturday 5th October - Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
Sunday 6th October - O13, Tilburg

You can watch the official promo video for 'March Of Conquest' here:

SuidAkrA are:
Arkadius Antonik - Guitars/Vocals
Marius Pesch - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tim Siebrecht - Bass, Backing Vocals
Lars Wehner - Drums & percussion

Official Website:

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